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Vaporfi E-Liquid

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Hundreds of artfully blended juices, a custom blending menu, and 3 pack sampler packs! If you have a flavor you love, odds are they have a version of it. Anyone who vapes HAS to try Vaporfi's ejuice at least once.
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With one of the largest selections of e-juice online, you are sure to find something to fill your tank with at Vaporfi. They may not be the cheapest e-juice vendor, but they not the most expensive either. The quality ingredients and high standard they hold their products to, makes them worth every penny.


User Rating 4.25 (12 votes)

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  • Highest rated nicotine
  • Premium soybean glycerin
  • “better than food grade” flavorings
  • Kosher Grade e-juice bases 
  • FDA registered formulas
  • FDA registered lab!


Vaporfi has gone over the top with their e-juice. These guys seriously take it to the next level with their quality and craftsmanship. All their ingredients are FDA approved and combined with the highest manufacturing standards you’ll only find with reputable vape juice companies, like Vaporfi. Everything is quality tested and registered with the FDA for the utmost in safety and transparency in e-liquid manufacturing. All the e-liquids are 100% diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free and made in the USA.

Vaporfi E-liquid Review

But that’s all just a bunch of fancy speak, the truth is where Vaporfi really excels is in the variety they bring to you. Are you ready for this? Vaporfi has literally over 30,000 flavor combinations to choose from! There is virtually no end to the combinations you will have to try whether you select one of their select mixes, or take the opportunity to create a unique blend of your very own. If you can think of it, Vaporfi can probably mix it for you.

The hardest part is deciding where to start. That is why Vaporfi always features a blend of the month, that not only introduces you to a new flavor blend but usually does so at a discounted price. You can also peruse their Top Creations category and see what other vapers are coming up with and what blends are becoming more popular in the community.

Vaporfi E-liquid review

Vaporfi conveniently sells a 3 pack 10ml sampler packs for $24.99. Just enough juice to fill a few tanks with each flavor to get used to it before you decide it is the best flavor for you. In fact, you might consider choosing a few flavors that might even go well together, and even do a little home mixing before jumping into making your own creations. However, when you do venture into creating your own, Vaporfi make it fun and easy. First, you choose how many flavors you want to add, 1 to 3, and the flavor intensity you desire. You then set your desired VG/PG ratio followed by your nicotine level. It is just that simple. The create your own option, opens the door for all users to become masters of their own vaping domain.

For a real treat, however, try out the Vaporfi Reserve and Grand Reserve collection of premium e-liquid. Both the Reserve and Grand Reserve Collection feature higher VG ratios (60%VG/40%/PG for the Reserve; 70%VG/30%PG for the Grand Reserve). This results in more voluminous vapor and larger clouds for a more satisfying overall experience. The Reserve collection also comes in glass bottles with easy to use eye droppers, making refilling a breeze.  This premium e-juice is aged and made without flavor restrictions. We highly recommend delving into the premium e-juices Vaporfi has to offer, you really won’t be disappointed.


Flavor Options

Custom Blending

Sample Packs

Base Options

70%PG/30%VG Option

50%PG/50%VG Option

Nic Options

0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Size Options

30ml only

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