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Vapor4Life E-Juice

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Designed by a smoker for smokers, the V4L ejuice lineup offers a greater sensation of smoking. They focus on appealing to smokers to help them transition to vaping easier.
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With arguably the best tobacco flavors in the ejuice game, V4L is a great place to start for smokers looking to move into vaping. For veterans who have been searching for a good tobacco, your search ends here. Their "RY4" for tobacco and their "peppermint" for menthol lovers are must tries. V4L has something for everyone with their extensive lineup of "Fruit","Desert", and "VG Only" flavors and ratios.


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vapor4life ejuices

  • 100s of flavor combos
  • True tobacco and menthol e-liquids for smokers
  • Coffee, fruit, beverage and Dessert e-juice blends
  • VG-only and high-VG vape flavors
  • 7 nicotine levels, including zero nicotine

Vapor4Life is one of the few vendors who offer a true 100% VG ratio e-liquid but that is only just the beginning. If you are a former smoker looking for a flavor that reminds you of tobacco smoke, V4L offers some of the most satisfying vape juice blends on the market. Their tobacco and menthol flavors truly hit a note that is reminiscent even for the heaviest of former smokers. The heavy VG blends also offer great clouds for a satisfying vaping experience.

For those heavier smokers, V4l provides a 3.6% nicotine option which is a great option for users looking to get off tobacco and on to vaping, and V4L is practically the only reputable vendor that offers this. In fact, they offer seven different levels of nicotine for all their flavors, from that 3.6%/36 mg high nicotine level all the way down to a zero nicotine level, making it ideal e-juice for any kind of former smokers as well as those looking to gradually reduce their nicotine intake.

Heavy smokers who start with V4L, STAY with V4L.These guys have been around for almost a decade and had one of the most loyal customer bases to date.  

Every flavor V4L offers tested thoroughly, ensuring whatever e-juice flavor you choose is safe. Backed by their ISO 9001-2008 certification. Another thing you have to love about the V4L e-juices is how easy they are for refilling. The tip is perfect and this is one of the easiest bottles to work with then you are refilling your tank, whether it is top or bottom fill.

menthol ejuice from Vapor4lifeTo pick the V4L e-liquid that is right for you, it is best to start with your flavor preferences. Vapor4Life has hundreds of choices, so narrowing down to a select few to start is necessary. They offer those amazing tobacco and menthol flavors as well as fruit, dessert, coffee, and beverage flavor categories.  Their premium e-juice line, WOW, offers some amazing taste combinations and profiles. The WOW line comes in a 70/30 VG to PG ratio and several tasty flavors both in the tobacco and menthol flavored categories, as well as the fruity and decadent varieties. I’m not going to lie, I love playing around with all the flavors there are some great novelties, for instance, the Doc Popular flavor that is reminiscent of a certain popular carbonated beverage. However, also some just great smooth flavors, like Green Tea and  Cafe Mocha, that really bring out the taste.

For the best taste, there is the absolutely amazing Ultimo e-juice which has a 60/40 VG to PG ratio and comes in 10 distinct flavors designed for maximum taste satisfaction. This is truly excellent e-juice (Fistful of Fruit and Custard’s Last Stand are amazing!) of a real premium quality, but so is all the e-liquid Vapor4Life has to offer.

*New*  V4L now offers its fans an All Natural CBD Oil hemp juice. This CBD Oil is extracted from non-genetically modified hemp plants, grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Straight from Switzerland, this 400mg oil comes in as one of the most potent hemp tasting oils you will find. This oil can be vaped by itself for a full, earthy tone or added to your favorite ejuice to give it a more “green” feel.

Flavor Options

100% VG Only

Exclusive ULTIMO Series


Base Options

100% VG Option

60%VG/40%PG Option


Nic Options

0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 11mg, 18mg,24mg,36mg

Size Options

30ml only

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