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Mig Vapor E-Juice

mig vapor juice bar
75 robust flavors are at your disposal and if you concoct an awesome taste, let’em know and Migvapor will let you name it!
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MigVapor makes our list of top e-juice vendors not just because the are making some of the tastiest juice to date, but the because of all the options they allow you when dialing in on that perfect flavor!


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mig vapor vaping solutions

Ever thought about how to build the perfect vape juice, without building a mixing lab in your garage? Mig Vapor has you covered with the very popular Juice Bar.

Be a Vaper Mixologist – Create Your Own E-Juice Blends!

The Vimanna Vape Juice Bar gives you the keys to their lab, and lets you be the mixologist to create your own perfect blend! A lot of fun and very easy, the Vape Juice Bar will keep you coming back.

We found ourselves trying to outdo the other one with our own exotic blends, a few were duds of course, but once we got a feel for it we have made some dynamite flavors.

It is actually a fairly easy three-step process to create your own e-juice concoction.

  1. Choose Your Flavors – You can opt for using 1 to 5 different flavors. The Vape Bar features over 70 different flavors to get you started. A good tip to remember for the flavor chaser, if you want one flavor not to stand out more than another, consider choosing it twice and giving yourself a double shot of the flavor you are wanting the most.
  2. Choose Nicotine and VG level – The Vimanna Vape Juice Bar offers a 50/50 VG to PG ratio as well as a higher VG blend. In addition, you can choose nicotine levels from 0 mg to 24 mg.
  3. Choose Your Bottle Size – 15 mL and 30 mL bottles are available in the 50/50 blends the high VG blend you can get in bottle sizes including 15 mL, 30 mL, 60 mL and 120 mL.

Now as much fun as making your own blends can be (and it is!) if you don’t have the time or inclination, well Mig Vapor has you covered there too.

Premium E-Juice Line

Mig Vapors premium multi-flavored e-juice line delivers some awesome taste combinations. With premium juices like Dragon’s Blood (a delicious combination of pomegranate, raspberry and strawberry) and Half Baked (Baked cookie and snickerdoodle), you’re sure to find a flavor that is right up your alley. My favorite is the Mocha Mint Rehab e-juice, even just saying the name makes me crave it, so delicious.

Great Tobacco Flavors & High VG Blends

Many people love Mig Vapor’s tobacco flavors as well. They are great for those who are struggling to kick a tobacco addiction and can’t find just the vapor to quench their cravings. Their tobacco blends are exotic and intoxicating, and a sure win. I mean how can you go wrong with Cuban Cigar flavored e-juice? And no great e-juice vendor would be without a VG heavy lineup and MigVapor’s “Red Line” is one of my absolute favorites especially when sub-ohm and temperature control vaping.

Mig Vapor’s e-juice selection truly has something for everyone. Even their “Single Flavor” lineup is loaded with lots of popular e-juice flavors that we’ve all come to enjoy, along with some you probably haven’t seen before. Even better, when you find one you love you can save a few bucks by going big with the 120ml bottle size for around $60. I also personally love e-juice in the glass dropper bottles, and all of Mig Vapors premium e-juices come this way. It so much easier to refill with the eyedropper bottle cap, so as ridiculous as it is, this is always a plus for me. That aside the flavors are so good, I mean really good, and I honestly cannot wait to keep trying new combinations out at the Vimanna Vape Bar. For someone who wants a little more customization in every aspect of their vaping, making your own e-juice flavors is a natural next step, and Mig Vapor makes it as easy as it can be.


Base Options

50% PG / 50% VG

High VG

Nicotine Options

0mg, 3mg, 6mg,

12mg, 18mg, 24mg

Size Options

15ml $10.95+

30ml $17.95

120ml $59.00 (Single Flavors)


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