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Kind Juice Organic E-Juice

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A vaping revolution is being formed down in Florida, thanks to Kind Juice. These guys have raised the bar when it comes to purity and craftsmanship. One of the first true organic e-juice producers. Kind Juice is one of few vape juice vendors to offer "100% PG Free" blends.
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If there was ever an e-juice that EVERYONE can get behind, it might be these guys. One of the few vendors who has removed any and all negative chemicals and produce a one-of-a-kind style vape juice, Kind Juice is among the top. Definitely not the cheapest ejuice out there but when it comes to quality it really doesn't get any better than this!


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Organic e-juice vendors

Florida-grown – American Made E-Nectars. Kind Juice is on a very short list when it comes to authentically “pure” e-juice vendors. When it comes to complex flavor tones, with the utmost regards to natural raw ingredients, these guys are on a whole new level.

To be a true “organic” vape juice, being 100% USP VG (PG FREE!) is practically a must. They cover this base to the T thanks to using only all-natural VG produced from plants grown without pesticides and extracted naturally using a process called hydrolysis, which in a nutshell gets the most out of each plant all while keeping its core purity. To say this stuff produces huge clouds with incredible smoothness is a massive understatement.

When it comes to trying to create an organic juice, the hardest part to monitor is the nicotine. Kind Juice sources all their nicotine from USA tobacco crops which are ethically grown without the use of pesticides or growth control agents, once again keeping the results as pure as it gets. With a process called Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) that uses no chemicals or solvents and a cold/closed refinement to shield from light, heat, and oxygen the results from this end with an extremely pure clear nicotine and produces a smoother, cleaner flavor. This also helps with extending the juices shelf-life, which as we all know is a major plus.

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Most vapers today are starting to focus their attention on what is actually in their ejuice, and some want to take it a step further and go past the lab where they are made. Kind Juice is one of the few vendors we have found that start at the core root of the creation process and then some. We can go on and on about these guys but needless to say they easily make the grade for us, and we could write a four-page review on just the great detail they have on all their strict standards and overall philosophies on how quality e-juice should be made…but we like to keep our reviews short and sweet.

Be sure to check out their ingredients page here: “Our Ingredients.

Thankfully, Kind Juice doesn’t simply focus on exotic flavors, in fact, they offer up one of the best tobacco flavors we have yet to try. Their “Route 66” is as close to a full-flavored tobacco vape juice that is a must try for those searching for something close to the real thing. For the sub-ohmers and RDA users, make sure to check out their “E-Gel Drip Collection.”

These guys truly take their dedication to an ultra-pure e-juice to the extreme. We have yet to see any vendor go into such depth for their creations. But at the end of the day, for some of us if it doesn’t taste great, it doesn’t matter. We testify to the final product and can’t say enough great things about Kind Juice.

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  • I’ve been vaping Kind Juice for about a year now and will never go back to other PG ridden juice. Their organic vape juice makes me smile every time I open it and I never get tired of the same great flavors! If your vape juice doesn’t make you say “damn this is good” each time, you should check these guys out!