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JVapes E-Juice

Jvapes E-Juice
No nonsense, down to Earth company that delivers quality and honest e-juice. These guys sell 120ml bottles for $32!
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Another great e-juice company out of Arizona. jVapes is running a clean and legitimate operation using top notch ingredients and flavorings. Batch numbers, US Pharmacopeia grade PG, VG, flavoring, and nicotine are the standard at jVapes so you know you are dealing with a company who cares about their product. Great choices and yummy flavors.


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For over six years now JVapes has been producing some of the best e-juice at an affordable price. Out of Prescott Arizona, this is another highly touted e-juice vendor that we fell in love with.

With an AEMSA certified lab that uses only USP certified nicotine, US food-grade flavoring, and USP grade veggie and propylene glycol proving that quality control is prominent. Delicious tasting flavors and an awesome price tag helped put JVapes on our short list. They just updated their website and navigation is way better – good job Jvapes!

Grab a sample pack for $20 with 5 different flavors to see what you like, then after you find the best flavor, buy it in a 129ml bottle for only $32! You can’t beat that! The 120ml e-juice bottles are available in all the flavor collections except the “Exclusive” collection. Enjoy!

Flavor Options

Sample Packs

  • Fruit Flavors
  • Dessert Flavors
  • Candy Flavors
  • Drink Flavors
  • Tobacco Flavors

Base Options

50%PG / 50% VG

70%VG / 30% PG

Nic Options

0mg, 3mg, 6mg,

12mg, 18mg, 24mg

Size Options


30ml $12.00

60ml $20.00

120ml $32.00

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