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Apollo E-Juice

Apollo e-juice blends
Apollo is one of the best when it comes to ejuice - in the UK and the US. From the basic of flavors to a massive Max VG assortment they have it covered.
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"Fa-Q", "Signature Series", "Lindbergh", "Smoozie", these aren't flavors - these are whole lines of different kinds of ejuice that Apollo offers up! You will find what you are looking for here.

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If it has to be of the highest quality, USP grade ingredients look no further than Apollo. Constantly striving to be on top, they test, analyze, sample, and repeat until it’s a unanimous decision that a flavor is great enough for its customers. They operate with the utmost transparency as evident in their manufacturing process and stellar lab facilities. They employ qualified chemists and use automated procedures to create the safest e-liquid possible. Straight from their own facility to your doorstep, rest assured a strict protocol and procedure is done consistently with every bottle of their own assembly line. But thankfully the most important feature, besides safety they have covered also – Taste!

Tasty Flavors Galore!

Flavor is really where Apollo shines through. There is truly something for everyone. From tobacco to deserts, Max VG to their very own “Signature Series.” you are sure to find not one or two, but many different intriguing blends. The Banana Cream and Pina Colada are my personal favorites, but for those looking for traditional tobacco flavor, very few rival Apollo’s!

If you are really looking for amazing flavors, however, look no further than Apollo’s Signature Series. Designed to be bolder than their original line, the Signature Series is recommended specifically for those looking for more flavor in their e-liquid. This line was developed and curated by one of Apollo’s top chemists and promises to be on the cutting edge of innovation in vaping flavors. A great place to start if you are a fan of the flavor.

Max VG for Sub-Ohmers

The majority of Apollo’s e-juice comes in a 50/50 VG/PG blend, however, for those looking for those awesome clouds, Apollo delivers with it’s Max VG collection.
The Max VG e-liquid varieties contain primarily VG giving you a smoother vaping sensation and those awesome, dense clouds you are looking for. Their Max VG e-liquids are almost all VG, but do contain very small amounts of PG in the flavorings. The three lines of Max VG e-liquids are all premium, in every way, even down to the unique packaging that compliments the flavor and vaping experience.

Buy in Bulk and Save

Apollo also provides a great bulk buying section. Once you find the flavor you like, check out the buying bulk options and you can save a significant amount on your e-liquid purchases. When you buy in bulk they always allow you to choose your flavors, meaning you won’t get stuck with just one that you end up getting bored with. You can get all different flavors so you’re prepared no matter what your mood.

Apollo not only delivers excellent flavors and choices, but the prices are great as well. That is what keeps vapers coming back for more of Apollo’s dynamic vape juices.

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