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Best E-Liquid & Vape Juice for 2018

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The E-juice world is growing at a massive rate, and it helps to have a helping hand to guide you through it! Whether it’s sifting through the 1000’s of popular flavor options, deciding on which nicotine strength to choose, or fine tuning your PG/VG ratio – we have you covered.

To help you find the best e-juice flavors on the market, we have done all the legwork and narrowed down the 100’s of vendors out there to an easier to navigate list of options.

With so many factors to keep in mind when generating a “top vendors” section, it can be overwhelming on what exactly to look for. One simple rule we follow – USA MADE ONLY.  Quality control is vital and American ejuice facilities have the highest standards. Taste, of course, has to be top-notch and justifiable price tag.

These are our favorite ejuice flavors and vendors that have kept us from going back to cigarettes, and we are confident you will find that winning e-liquid right here!

If you are new to vaping, or you are just getting into e-liquids, you can check out our beginners article to help you decide on what’s important to look for.

The Top Vape Juice Picks For 2018 - Categorized By Flavor Profile

Best Vape Juice Vendors

#1 Halo

High VG Options    Up To 100ML Bottles

High on our list is Halo. Consistently putting out some of the highest quality for the price, Halo does e-juice right. No overwhelming choices, just good soild flavors. They carry 3 different labels that each have a unique flavor theme and price point starting at $4.99 for 10ml.

#2 Vaporfi

Design Your Own Flavor Sample Packs

From sample packs to over 30,000 flavor combinations, Vaporfi is a mega-store of e-juice. If you have a flavor in mind and can't find it anywhere else, these guys have it. Try the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream if you like sweet flavors.

#3 Vapor4Life

True Tobacco Flavors WOW!

Vapor4life vape vendor
If you have been looking for REAL TOBACCO and MENTHOL FLAVORS, get the WOW label, it's the most authentic tobacco vape juice we've had. Any price range you are at, the guys at V4L have something worth trying. Sort by "Flavor Profile" on left side of their site to see the good stuff.

Best Tobacco Flavor E-Juice

#1 WOW Congress Tobacco

Real Tobacco Taste   More Popular Than US Congress!

Vapor4life Congress tobacco flavored vape juice
Many smokers are looking to e-cigarettes to replace the taste of tobacco, often without sucess. Well, that time is over thanks to Vapor4life's WOW label of e-juice. This particular flavor is the closest thing to a real smoke without the smoke! Try it and you'll see what we mean.

#2 Tribeca

Award Winning Flavor Rich, Smooth

Tribeca vape juice from Halo Cigs
One of the best go-to flavors for a rich and smooth tobacco flavor. Not the cheapest juice, but worth the few extra bucks to enjoy this well crafted flavor. Available in 10ml, 30ml, or the huge 100ml bottle. High VG option as well if you like to blow clouds.

#3 American Red Tobacco

Old School Tobacco Taste No Nic Option

American red vape juice from Vaporfi
Another great choice for a tobacco flavor coming our of Vaporfi's labs. This bold flavor is a favorite among vapers wanting the taste they crave. You are able to add extra shots of flavor to your order so you can control the flavor! Check out their other tobacco flavors while you are there.

Best Menthol Vape Juice

#1 Winter' Harvest

All Natural E-Juice   100% VG

Winter Harvest vape juice flavor
Think of this as a aged Scotch, because this top-shelf e-juice is aged, for 4 months and brewed for 8 weeks! Winter's Harvest blends a bold tobacco with a crisp menthol using only naturally extracted tobacco. Pricey, but not outrageous.

#2 Polar Ape

120ml Bottle Option Sweet

Polar Ape Flavor e-juice
This Banana-Caramel-Menthol flavor from Crystal Canyon Vapes is a all day flavor! Rich, sweet, and the perfect taste of menthol is the best way to describe this vape juice. E-juice bottle sizes from 5ml to 120ml for a honest price, plus VG/PG options.

#3 Caribbean Feeeze

120ml for $39 Fruity

Caribbean Freeze flavored vape juice
This is a great combo flavored menthol vape juice. Something about mangos and strawberry mixed with a solid menthol that hits the right spot. Mig Vapor carries a ton of other juices, but this is a favorite menthol flavor we absolutely love.

Best E-Juice Sample Packs

#1 VaporFi Sample Pack

$24.99   Pick Any 3 Flavors!

Vaporfi Vape juice sampler 3 pack
Vaporfi has a great deal for anyone looking for a little variety in their life. Simply pick any 3 flavors from their extensive lineup of yummy custom juices, or if you are feeling creative, custom-blend your own flavors. They ship the 3 10ml bottles right to your door.

#2 Halo Sample Pack

$24.99 6 ea 10ml Bottles!

Halo e-juice sampler 6 pack
Try 6 flavors for a low price! Pick from 5 unique flavor sets: Tobacco Sampler, Dessert Sampler, Variety Sampler, and Mints & Menthol. Perfect for vapers who value quality and love variety! You can also grab a 6-pack of their EVO label for the same price.

#3 V2 Sample Pack

$29.95 6 ea 10ml Bottles!

V2 platinum e-juice sampler 6 pack
V2 also has their own sampler pack with their famous Platinum label. Pick from 2 different sample categories: Speciality Flavors, and Tobacco/Menthol. Each pack including 6 bottles at 10ml each. Available in: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0% nicotine strengths.

Vape Juice Reviews

Vaporfi E-Liquid


Vaporfi has gone over the top with their e-juice. These guys seriously take it to the next level with their quality and craftsmanship. All their ingredients are FDA approved and combined with the highest manufacturing standards you’ll only find with reputable vape juice companies, like Vaporfi. Everything is quality tested and registered with the FDA for the utmost in safety and transparency in e-liquid manufacturing. All the e-liquids are...

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Vapor4Life E-Juice


Vapor4Life is one of the few vendors who offer a true 100% VG ratio e-liquid but that is only just the beginning. If you are a former smoker looking for a flavor that reminds you of tobacco smoke, V4L offers some of the most satisfying vape juice blends on the market. Their tobacco and menthol flavors truly hit a note that is reminiscent even for the heaviest of former smokers. The heavy VG blends also offer great clouds for a satisfying vaping...

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Kai’s Virgin Vapor Organic E-Juice


Kai’s Virgin Vapor is one of the largest organic e-juice vendors on the market. Coming from California, these guys take massive pride in being one of the few true organic manufacturers in the US, and heavily rely on the fact organic simply tastes better. Their e-liquids do not contain any artificial flavorings, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or any other additives. They are also vegan, GMO-free and contain no sugar or gluten...

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Kind Juice Organic E-Juice


Florida-grown – American Made E-Nectars. Kind Juice is on a very short list when it comes to authentically “pure” e-juice vendors. When it comes to complex flavor tones, with the utmost regards to natural raw ingredients, these guys are on a whole new level. To be a true “organic” vape juice, being 100% USP VG (PG FREE!) is practically a must. They cover this base to the T thanks to using only all-natural VG...

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ZampleBox E-Juice Subscription


You’ve seen dollar shave club, wine of the month groups, and even certain types of gourmet meals that can be customized to your liking and be sent on a monthly or weekly basis, and for those who are extremely busy or don’t want to have to think about their favorite item(s), they are simply massive time savers. And now for us vapers, we too can now benefit from a monthly service and have access to a wide variety of different e-juice blends...

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Halo E-Liquid


Halo is like the godfather of e-liquids. They are not fancy and they do not have thousands of flavors to pick from. Instead, they focus on the basics and keeping it simple. In the last year, Halo has expanded their e-juice lineup to include a few more flavors. That’s a good thing because even though Halo is well respected in the vape world, they have their share of critics claiming that their selection was lacking. The new flavors include...

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Apollo E-Juice


If it has to be of the highest quality, USP grade ingredients look no further than Apollo. Constantly striving to be on top, they test, analyze, sample, and repeat until it’s a unanimous decision that a flavor is great enough for its customers. They operate with the utmost transparency as evident in their manufacturing process and stellar lab facilities. They employ qualified chemists and use automated procedures to create the safest e-liquid...

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Mig Vapor E-Juice


Ever thought about how to build the perfect vape juice, without building a mixing lab in your garage? Mig Vapor has you covered with the very popular Juice Bar. Be a Vaper Mixologist – Create Your Own E-Juice Blends! The Vimanna Vape Juice Bar gives you the keys to their lab, and lets you be the mixologist to create your own perfect blend! A lot of fun and very easy, the Vape Juice Bar will keep you coming back. We found ourselves trying...

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Cosmic Fog Vapor


Straight from sunny Orange County California, the “Fog Factory” creates some of the most robust flavors on the market today. Spending on average 7-10 months on each flavor, crafting every blend into a unique vaping experience is a priority. Easily one of the most popular vape juice producers in the game, Cosmic Fog delivers on every level and is a must-try! With delicate research and rigorous testing, Cosmic Fog’s goal is to create the best “all...

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Space Jam E-juice


Another vape juice pioneer launched from SoCal – Orange County California actually –  and has rapidly become a well-known name in e-liquid.  With all Space Jam premium e-liquids produced in GMP and ISO certified laboratories, these guys continue to provide some of the richest, complex, and exotic flavors to date.  Along with having a very cool space “themed” product ( their latest creations now come in a lime green bottle...

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Evo Vape Juice Review


The latest EVO lineup takes your vape experience to new levels. Extremely robust, multi-layered flavors in VG heavy blends help make these guys one of the best vape juices out there. Fruit fans will easily fall in love with Evo's top blends.

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Mt. Baker Vapor E-Liquid


If you have been vaping in the last few years, it’s practically impossible you haven’t at least seen these guys somewhere. Originating from Washington state and now in Arizona, Mt Baker Vapor is 100% American made. With roughly 120 custom flavors to choose from and covering every category from “beverage” to “nut and spice”, and everything in between, you will quickly find out why MBV gets the reviews it deserves. Mt. Baker Vapor is among...

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VaporFi’s Blend Of The Month Club

$14.99 per month

Monthly subscriptions are popping up all over. Whether its food, wine or even ejuice you can get it delivered to your door. Vaporfi takes this concept and really runs with it, making the whole process easy and fun.

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JVapes E-Juice


For over six years now JVapes has been producing some of the best e-juice at an affordable price. Out of Prescott Arizona, this is another highly touted e-juice vendor that we fell in love with. With an AEMSA certified lab that uses only USP certified nicotine, US food-grade flavoring, and USP grade veggie and propylene glycol proving that quality control is prominent. Delicious tasting flavors and an awesome price tag helped put JVapes on our...

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Ripe Vapes E-liquid


Our best e-juice lineup has another California native on the list. Coming out of Ventura County,  Ripe Vines offers up a distinct array of award-winning flavors (only 7 to be exact) and that’s totally fine with us! And yes – awards are what they win – Best of Show at the Las Vegas Vape Summit in 2014 and Best of Show at Vape Summit 2 in Texas. Made with a proprietary blend of 99.7% kosher grade glycol and glycerin it’s no surprise why Ripe Vapes...

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Black Note Vape Juice Review


After trying several of Black Notes e-juices, I’ve concluded that their products have some of the most authentic cigarette flavors you can get without actually smoking. They’re made 100% naturally, without any synthetics or chemicals. The Blacknote mission strives for a healthier, superior alternative to smoking for you and those around you. Each product gives smooth, high-quality hits — don’t hesitate to try out the various symphonic...

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Crystal Canyon Vapes


Crystal Canyon Vapes is a family owned vendor out of Queen Creek, Arizona, and offers some of the highest quality vape juice on the market today.  Every ingredient is sourced and manufactured in the USA. Using only 99.9% certified pure nicotine and USP grade PG and kosher VG, the consistency is in every flavor and every bottle. Along with staying away from diacetyl and acetyl chemicals, only natural GRAS flavorings (also made in the USA) are...

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