Our Favorite E-Juice Sampler Packs!

Whether it's something simple like beer, or a little more detailed like holiday cured meats, sampler packs just make life easier! E-Juice sampler packs definitely fall into this category, as they are the best way to really find that winning flavor you are looking for. Saving you not onlsampler boxy a ton of time but more importantly, a lot of money! The ability to narrow down a few flavors that will keep you coming back is vital in the battle against traditional cigarettes. Even if only one flavor (out of three or four flavors in the pack) is good, this will justify the shipping alone, instead of one or two bottles from multiple vendors. The things to look for in a good sampler pack is:

  • Wide Array of Flavor Options
  • Different Nicotine Strengths
  • PG/VG Ratio Options
  • 3 Bottles - Minimum (preferably 5 or more)
  • A handy carry case or tin 

Below are the e-liquid vendors that offer sample packs for you to try.


Vaporfi E-Liquid


Vaporfi has gone over the top with their e-juice. These guys seriously take it to the next level with their quality and craftsmanship. All their ingredients are FDA approved and combined with the highest manufacturing standards you’ll only find with reputable companies, like Vaporfi. Everything is quality tested and registered with the FDA for the utmost in safety and transparency in e...

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Halo E-Liquid


Halo is like the godfather of e-liquids. They are not fancy and they do not have thousands of flavors to pick from. Instead, they focus on the basics and keeping it simple. In the last year, Halo has expanded their e-juice lineup to include a few more flavors. That’s a good thing because even though Halo is well respected in the vape world, they have their share of critics claiming that...

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ZampleBox E-Juice Subscription


You’ve seen dollar shave club, wine of the month groups, and even certain types of gourmet meals that can be customized to your liking and be sent on a monthly or weekly basis, and for those who are extremely busy or don’t want to have to think about their favorite item(s), they are simply massive time savers. And now for us vapers, we too can now benefit from a monthly service and have access to...

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JVapes E-Juice


For over six years now JVapes has been producing some of the best e-juice at an affordable price. Out of Prescott Arizona, this is another highly touted e-juice vendor that we fell in love with. With an AEMSA certified lab that uses only USP certified nicotine, US food-grade flavoring, and USP grade veggie and propylene glycol proving that quality control is prominent. Delicious tasting flavors...

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Cosmic Fog Vapor


Straight from sunny Orange County California, the “Fog Factory” creates some of the most robust flavors on the market today. Spending on average 7-10 months on each flavor, crafting every blend into a unique vaping experience is  a priority. Easily one of the most popular vape juice producers in the game, Cosmic Fog delivers on every level and is a must-try! With delicate research and rigorous...

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