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V2 EX Series Starter Kit

V2 Ecig Starter Kit
V2 has been in the vapor game longer than most and this kit shows why are still on of the best vapor vendors to date. Definitely one of the easiest ecigs to use, and this comes with everything needed to get started.
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Probably one of the most recognized electronic cigarettes online is the V2 electronic cigarette. With the claim of "America's #1 Electronic Cigarette" and "Over 1 Million Satisfied Customers" V2 has got to be doing something right.

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v2 ex series starter kit reviewProbably one of the most recognized electronic cigarettes online is the V2 electronic cigarette. With the claim of “America’s #1 Electronic Cigarette” and “Over 1 Million Satisfied Customers,” V2 has got to be doing something right.

V2 electronic cigarettes offer a 30-day money back guarantee to make sure you are satisfied with your new e-cigarette, and an incredible lifetime warranty. As long as you buy cartridges, at least, every 90 days, they will replace your battery if it fails to function properly. This is a pretty generous deal as I have had my share of batteries fail after a few months.

V2 e-cigs also offers an easy to use website, and straightforward interface to make your online experience a good one. Let’s face it, many of the other e-cigarette websites are confusing and difficult to navigate. V2 does this right with the easy navigation bar on the top for quick drill-downs of the category you are looking for. There are plenty of pictures and descriptions as well to make sure you know what you are getting. The process from beginning to end was extremely easy. v2 ex series cartomizers

v2 ecig chargersThe EX Series Starter Kit is V2’s premier cig-a-like kit. This new design consists of the EX Battery and the Ex Flavor Cartridge. Typical pieces of an e-cig but the twist with V2’s is that their EX battery offers the perfect balance between weight and vaping cycles. This battery goes and goes and when it’s time to charge, the Smart Charger provided has you back up and running under an hour! The EX battery also has a meter on the side of it, unlike any other cig-a-likes out there, this one lets you know exactly where the battery amount is.

The EX flavor cartridge is also by itself in the cartomizer category thanks to its “e-liquid gauge”, making the amount of ejuice left clearly visible. These two minor features might not seem like much to someone just getting introduced to ecigs, but trust me they can be daily lifesavers especially for that newbie e-cig user who has put money, time and faith into them in hopes of kicking tobacco.  These little features help put V2 above 99% of the competition. And as you increase your knowledge about ecigs and vendors you will notice these technology jumps are rather normal for V2.


In The Box


  • 2 V2 EX Batteries
  • 10 V2 EX Flavor Cartridgesv2 ecig infograph
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Smart Charger
  • 1 V2 User’s Manual

Color Options (Battery):

  • Brushed Steel
  • Carbon Fiber 
  • Scarlet Metallic
  • Royale
  • Bloom

Flavor Options:

  • V2 Red        (Cured Virginia tobacco )
  • Sahara         (Distinct taste of Turkish tobacco )
  • Congress      (Robust taste of Burley tobacco leaf)
  • Menthol         (Pure menthol flavor; crisp, refreshing)
  • Peppermint   ( Smooth and exhilarating )
  • Menthol Tea   (Combination of green tea and cool menthol)

V2 E-Cigs offer a huge variety of different starter kits to allow you to find just the right one without having to buy the most expensive unit first. There are at least eight different kits that vary from the most basic kit, to the complete kit built just for couples looking to switch to e-cigarettes together.

Final Word

When I got my hands on one, simply based off first impressions alone, the packaging was rather classy and clean so my expectations were high, unlike most e-cigarettes I have tried in this category. I have to admit once I tried the V2 E-Cig, I understood why they are so popular.

The basic EX Series starter kit came with the tobacco flavor, V2 Red. It was smooth and fulfilling with a sweetness that left my taste buds happy. I was impressed with the amount of vapor and the throat hit these things produced, and a consistent heavy throat hit up until the very last drag before the battery was drained.

To nitpick, the battery only comes in automatic mode, therefore, there is no button but since the battery life is still very good it didn’t make a ton of difference. Manual mode (a button you push when taking a pull) gives you the feeling of more control and personally, I like to have a button. The Classic Starter Kits come with both options.  V2 covers all the bases for a great e-cig. From the packaging, the look and feel of the device, delivering a solid throat hit that tastes awesome, and a battery long enough to get you through the day.

This kit is what other vendors strive for, and it only solidifies how V2 –  one of the oldest vendors in the game – remain on top year after year. The Ex Series is couple more dollars than their basic starter kits but when you compare it to the amount of money saved from not buying smokes, its a drop in the bucket. If you are looking to skip all the hassles of the trial-by-fire shopping experience, get a V2 e-cigarette and make it easy on yourself.  I recommend V2 to any smoker looking for a smoke-free life, and an easy to use –  no-fuss product. Good selections and many options, along with reasonable prices help V2 to remain on top of many lists.

V2 backs up their products to the fullest!  Their warranty is rock-solid and adds a huge amount of comfort when making that next – or first – V2 purchase! https://www.v2.com/help/warranty

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  • When i was planning to stop smoking last year i could not decide what starter kit to buy. Luckily i have many friends who are using e cigs and they suggested Vapour2. Must say i was surprised when i received my starter kit. Such a nice small e cigarette reminding real one. That was cool. I also got the automatic battery and must say it is comfy not to press any button just puff. So generally the ecig has easy usage and also easy to change cartridges. So i am still using it and actually it helped me to stop smoking:-)