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The Premier Starter Pack

3 packs of e-cig starter kits from Cigavette
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I really love this brand. They have a good product that really tastes like a tobacco cigarette. The big reason Cigavette is different is the “Smart Chip” that is in charge of the heating element. Unlike any other electronic cigarette, Cigavette has made it possible to take a slow drag or a fast drag and get the same taste and vapor. It doesn’t matter how you use it, it will adjust to you.

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Cig-a-like starter kits from Cigavette

Cigavette was started by lifelong smokers who were able to quit by using e-cigs. They wanted to “create a very cool brand that features the highest quality products at an economical price.” With a 30 day money-back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty, Cigavette electronic cigarettes puts their money where their mouth is and have easily surpassed any doubts that this was just another cheap e-cig.

As you can see in these image from their website, a Cigavette looks like any other electronic cigarette. They have all the same components and look the same. But the key difference is the “smart chip” that controls the heating element and LED. Normally, these chips are the standard electrical component that every e-cig shares. These chips are made by the millions in factories in China for almost every e-cig ever made. You can find this exact same chip in almost every rechargeable e-cigarette no matter what brand.

So why is this chip so important that Cigavette had to make their own and put a patent on it?
Experienced vapers will tell you that different e-liquids taste different depending on the temperature of the heating element. You cannot get a consistent taste if the voltage of the heating element is not consistent. If it is too hot, you can burn the e-liquid, and it tastes awful. If the element burns too cold, it will not provide the vapor you want.
If the voltage of the battery is inconsistent, the heating element fires at a cold temp and then increases to a hot temperature and the vapor will also be inconsistent. Not usually a problem, unless your e-liquid only tastes good at one temperature.

Here is where their smart chip is important:
Cigarette’s e-liquid comes in two flavors: tobacco and menthol. Menthol is relativity hard to mess up. However, tobacco is the hardest flavor to reproduce with any e-cigarette. That is because there are over 600 chemicals added to tobacco that give tobacco it’s unique flavor. It is almost impossible to make an e-cigarette taste like tobacco. No matter what brand of e-liquid you use, you cannot get a real tobacco flavor unless you can precisely control the temperature of the heating element, without fluctuations, and then blend it perfectly with just the right tasting e-liquid.

Cigavette has designed their “smart chip” to provide a perfect, consistent temp to the heating element to produce the most realistic tobacco taste from any electronic cigarette I have tasted.
With their smart chip providing a consistent voltage to the heating element, Cigavette has succeeded where others have failed and produced an e-cigarette that actually tastes like a tobacco cigarette.


In The Box

  • 1 Premiere Premium 3.1 inch / 280mah / 4.2v Battery
  • Battery available in white, black, and stainless
  • 2 Premiere ‘SUPER’ (24mg) cartridges (Prefilled and Heat Sealed
  • Signature Premium Blend Tobacco Flavor
  • 1 USB “INTELLA” Battery Charger

cig-a-like starter kits


Final WordCigavette ecig starter packs

Like I mentioned, Cigavette has the market when it comes to an e-cigarette that tastes like tobacco. The box even smelled like a regular pack of smokes. I was almost certain that they had squeezed tobacco juice right out of some moist tobacco and stuck it in their cartridges.

The vapor from the basic kit I tried had a deep throat hit and a pretty good sized vapor cloud. I noticed a hint of sweetness within the flavor and overall it was very satisfying. I tried both the 24mg and 18mg e-liquid but preferred the 18mg. For some reason, the taste of the 18mg was better than the 24mg to me.

The only thing I had to get used to was the draw. The heating element fires up when you take a draw, but needs a little suction to get started. There is a threshold of suction you need to attain before the heating element fires. I am assuming this has something to do with the smart chip needing at least a minimal amount of air to blend the vapor correctly. A non-issue, however.

Overall Cigavette offers a quality built e-cig, with good looks and packaging and for a reasonable price, plus something most other e-cigarette offer but miss the mark on -a solid and satisfying tobacco taste. With Cigavette, there’s no reason to smoke another cigarette again.

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  • Below is an updated list of the products that come with the CIGAVETTE Premiere Starter Pack:

    CIGAVETTE Premiere Starter Pack Contents

    Batteries: 1 Premiere Premium 3.1 inch / 280mah / 4.2v Battery
    1 Premiere Premium 2.4 inch / 180mAh / 4.2v Battery

    Charger: 1 USB Battery Charger
    1 USB Wall Power Adapter

    Cartridges: 5 (Five) Premiere Cartridges (Pre-filled and Heat Sealed)

    Case: 1 Classic Carry Case
    Flavors: Signature Premium Blend Tobacco or Cool Mint Menthol
    Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg
    Colors: White Batteries / Traditional Cartridges
    Black Batteries / Black Cartridges

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