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Vapor4Life WOW Disposable

vapor4life disposable wow e-cig
Rated as one of the best disposable ecigs by multiple review sites around the world, the Vapor4life disposable vape hits all the marks when searching for a great disposable.
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Value
  • Battery Life
  • Flavor Options


$6.99 Single
$64.99 10-Pack

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User Rating 3.21 (14 votes)

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Brand NEW for 2018 – Vapor4Life has released Three Awesome New Flavors!

New V4L disposable flavors

Vapor4Life has one of the best disposables when it comes to flavor and cost. Their “WOW” lineup not only covers the classic’s like tobacco and menthol extremely well but recently they have updated their lineup. The Wow disposables now come in a juicy watermelon, a deep-rich coffee, and a frosty peppermint for those menthol fans who like it cold.

One of the best features from V4L’s disposable is the realistic look and feel that each one brings to the table. From the soft, life-like rubber tip that looks just like a real filter (most are hard plastic) to the length of popular cigarette brands, down to its light-up orange tip. These disposables even feel like the real thing thanks to their paper-like wrapping. These features are huge when first getting into vaping and away from smoking.

A long-lasting battery is a major need to be a great disposable and the Wow covers that very well. Roughly equal to two/three packs of cigarettes, you truly get your money’s worth.

But the biggest reason they make our list is the taste – battery and cost don’t mean anything if it doesn’t taste good. Their tobacco model is easily the best we’ve tried – the tobacco version is my go-to for friends and family who are looking to quit. Amazingly smooth, and it mirrors that taste of popular mild flavor cigarettes – the Wow tobacco flavor is an easy 5-stars.

One of the strongest throat hits we’ve every tried – V4L packs a massive 36mg of nicotine in each one. That is a lot of nicotine, but it works when trying to move away for the real thing. These disposables will make you forget your cigs – right out of the box!

Coming in under $7 for a single and under $65 for a ten pack – their price point is below the average compared to their competitors.  A ten-pack is roughly equivalent to two cartons of tobacco cigarettes.

We are not alone in choosing the Wow as one of the best, as Spinfuel and Vapor Digest also rank these among the elite when dealing with disposable.

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