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Pro Smoke Disposable Ecig

Pro Smoke E-Cig
Pro Smoke disposable use VG grade ejuice for their flavors, helping create a thick vapor every puff.
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Value
  • Battery Life
  • Flavor Options


$9.99 Single

$35.99 For 4 Pack

User Rating 4 (1 vote)

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Pro Smoke menthol disposables



Pro Smoke is a on our short list of some of the best disposable ecigs to get started with. It’s usually a good sign when disposable vendors top two flavors are tobacco and menthol – and that’s exactly what Pro Smoke focuses their efforts towards.

With each disposable ecig from Pro Smoke equal to that of two packs of smokes, and coming in under $10 – the math is a no-brainer.  Add in a sturdy build (great for pocket/purse travel) this disposable is hits all the marks for a great throw-a-way.

Like most ecigs, these disposables have no tar or carcinogens which Pro Smoke falls in line with, and Pro Smoke is one of the few vape vendors that are certified by Green America.  Two major factors come into play when it comes to a great disposable – it has to be easy to use and more importantly, taste great.

Pro Smoke Tobacco – this slightly sweet tasting tobacco flavor is a break from the norm with its original throat hit coming nice and easy and has a non-harshness that most in this category deliver. This tobacco flavor resembles that of a few of the big named tobacco brands on the market.

Pro Smoke Menthol – nice and minty without leaving your mouth dry. Many argue that their menthol is the better choice of the two flavors they offer.

These disposables are made strictly of vegetable glycerin (VG) – instead of propylene glycol (PG) – this is extremely important for some because of some people being allergic to products with PG in them). VG is always a better choice when it comes to overall flavor for vape flavors – and disposables are no different.

Final Thoughts

Overall we love Pro Smoke due to the great taste and long-life battery. With the singles coming in under $10 bucks, that a huge plus. Extremely sturdy one-piece design, Pro Smoke is an easy choice for our top ten list. If you have tried one or two disposables from the gas station and been let down – give these guys a serious look.

Solo = $9.99
4-Pack =$35.99

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