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Cigavette Disposable

Cigavette disposable e-cigs
Simplicity at its finest. Awesome taste and the true feel of the real thing. Tobacco and Menthol fans start here. This easy to use one-piece disposable is one of our favorites and your search for that "winner" is over.
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The "Real Deal" is their claim to fame. The Cigavette disposable lineup offers one of the best tobacco and menthol tasting throwaways to date. These guys got me started vaping and thankfully three years later I haven't look back. All the good stuff without the mess and hassle!

$18.00 3-Pack
$54.00 10-Pack


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cigavette disposables tobacco and menthol

The Taste

Cigavette is one of the few disposable ecigs still available. This is due to its incredible taste and its long-time fans that keep coming back. If it didn’t hit all the marks of a great e-cig, this would simply be another fly-by-night disposable that so many vendors have attempted and failed. Regardless of your preference, these two flavors of tobacco and menthol are dialed-up perfectly.

The tobacco delivers a slightly sweeter tasting tobacco compared to other disposables out there – and most all taste the exact same – Cigavette’s tobacco has a very smooth aftertaste and hits the throat just right.

The menthol has a very classic taste that most menthol smokers will quickly recognize, a nice not-to-frosty vape, helping make this flavor a fan-favorite after a few puffs.

Looking for more flavors?  Cigavette offers up some juicier flavors in their “e-hookah” packs (which are simply more exotic flavors than their disposable lineup). With flavors like “strawberry daiquiri”, and “choclatini” you might find yourself wanting to try something wildly different.

The Look

Cigavette knew it was important for first-time vapers to offer up a device that replicates that of what they are trying to replace. Thankfully these ecigs are darn near spot on with the overall look and size of their devices. Even down to the light-up tip every time you take a puff, these disposables easily look the part!  Many will think you are smoking, but the lack of stinky smoke will quickly nullify that thought.

The Overall Quality

Talk is cheap when it comes to these types of ecigs, but as mentioned before, Cigavette has been in the disposable game for over 7 years – that makes them old, very old and STILL one of the best to date. You don’t last that long with a vape that costs’ less than $10 unless you sell a ton of them, often. The quality is there, with every puff this is easily one of the best-made disposables in the industry.

When choosing what flavor you are going with – you will have to choose what nicotine level to go with. Rule of thumb is heavy smokers (pack or more a day) go with the higher nic amount (18mg) and anything less than a pack a day can safely go with the lighter version of 12mg.

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