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Best Disposable E-Cigs For 2018

disposable e-cig on wood

Finding the Best Disposable E-cig

Disposable e-cigs are typically where most vapers get their start. These basic ecigs primarily come in tobacco and menthol flavors - as these are the popular flavors most smokers use. Disposables resemble that of the real thing and come with an atomizer that gives you roughly 300+ puffs before you toss them. No charging, no filling of tanks, just unwrap it and hit it.

Why Disposables are Important

Disposables are a great start with ecigs thanks to their heavy nicotine amounts - the best way to move from smoking is to come close to mirroring what you do on a daily basis. Choosing a disposable with a larger amount of nicotine will help fill a craving and the best disposables will hit the throat like that of a cigarette.

Nicotine Strength

What's the best nicotine strength for you? The rule of thumb goes as follows: Heavy smokers (pack a day) should start with at least a 24mg or a "2.4%" or higher. Light smokers should choose a strength between 1.2% (12mg) to 2.4% (24mg). Use this scale according to what level you feel you are on.


The price of disposables can vary. Some vendors offer a single disposable for around $6 - but most offer heavy discounts on packages of 3 or more. Some disposable vendors will offer packs of 10 or more for even heavier discounts. When it comes to flavors, tobacco and menthol are the most popular but you might try something a little exotic like a fruit or dessert flavor.

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Best Disposable E-Cigs

Cigavette Disposable

Cigavette disposable ecig

Vapor Production 100%
Build Quality 90%
Taste 95%
Value 100%

V4L Wow Disposable

v4l wow disposable ecig

Vapor Production 90%
Build Quality 95%
Taste 85%
Value 90%

Epuffer Disposable

Epuffer disposable ecig

Vapor Production 95%
Build Quality 85%
Taste 95%
Value 85%

Cigavette Disposable

$18.00/ 3-Pack

Cigavette has been around longer than most and you get one guess on why. Their disposable ecig is rated #1 thanks to its extremely realistic tobacco/menthol flavor and solid price tag.

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Epuffer Disposable Review


For those looking to get away from smoking cigarettes, the Epuffer Eco disposable just might be the perfect solution to getting your alternative nicotine fix. Featuring a simple and disposable design to ensure maximum ease-of-use. Unlike other e-cigarettes, there’s absolutely no need to fiddle around with the Epuffer Eco, just take it out of...

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E-Hookah Flavor Packs


The perfect alternative when vaping a disposable but wanting a break from tobacco and menthol flavors. Each flavor option comes in 11mg nicotine amounts, enough to fill the craving for the heaviest of smokers, and provides a satisfying puff up until the end.

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White Cloud Disposable Review


Quitting smoking has always been one of the most difficult habits to kick, but thanks to the advent of vaping in the recent years, it just got a whole lot easier. With our White Cloud disposable review, we quickly fell in love with their latest device – The Fling! So you’ve decided to give up your pack-a-day habit and switch to a vape, good...

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Pro Smoke Disposable Ecig


Pro Smoke focuses strictly on Tobacco and Menthol flavors. Each ecig is equal to two packs of traditional smokes helping these disposables last longer than most.

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NE Where Disposable Ecigs


NEWhere disposable e-cigs are a break from the norm. Focusing on more exotic flavors and a more polished overall look these guys easily stand out.

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Logic Smoke Disposable


Logic Smoke comes in as one best-priced disposables for the quality. They look just like the real thing and come close enough to the taste to make our favorites list.

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