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Epuffer E-Cigars

ePuffer ecigar review
  • Vapor Production
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1200 puffs before this one goes out - longer than most in this category. Realistic in size as this one is the largest one we've used. A very solid premium cigar flavor helps round this out as a fine replacement to the old stogie.

Epuffer offers this style of e-cigar in a few sizes larger than the Robusto if you choose, and in packs of 12 for more savings.



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  • I bought some of these in 2016 with the intention of being a U.K. distributor but unfortunately due to our laws pertaining to the sale of tobacco products I found that impossible, so I kept them for myself.

    What can I say? They’re a really good product; authentic looking, a genuine Robusto size and feel good in the hand – if a little on the hard side compared to a real cigar. The taste is rather on the chocolatey side but I don’t say that’s a bad thing.

    The only down side is that it’s a shame that it’s disposable as there’s a lot of wasted material in one of these that could be renewed.