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Aristo 2 E-Cigar

Aristo E-Cigar Kit
One of our favorite E-Cigars has just received a huge tweak!
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$119.99 Complete Rechargeable Kit

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e-cigars by Aristo

The Aristo 2 e-cigar is a major breakout from the traditional ecigar. Taking the ecigar vaping experience to a new level thanks to its refillable tank, extremely long-lasting battery and a wicked draw, this is easily one of the best e-cigars we have yet to try.

With its custom hand wrapped design – this ecigar is wrapped just like the real thing – from the end to end. This is rare as most ecigars have a rubber tip and the wrapping stops short right before the tip.

This kit comes with an extra battery – a full-length 900mah battery or a 650 mah battery or “stubby” for those wanting a shorter ecigar. And most importantly this kit comes with your choice of different cigar flavors:

*Cuban Robusto ( classic cigar flavor – rich and thick – smooth aftertaste)
*Cuban Gold   ( carmelized tobacco flavor – sweet aftertaste)
*Camilla Clouds ( tobacco and vanilla blend – perfect combo – and delivers an amazing smell) 

All flavors come in a 30ml bottle (enough to last for a heavy vaper multiple weeks) and let you choose your nicotine amounts of 0mg – 6mg- 11mg- 18mg. 18mg will deliver the closest the real thing but can be overwhelming after a few hours – the 6mg is perfect for a long night. Aristo offers up a nice sampler pack of all of their cigar flavors for under $30 – this is highly recommended if you are not quite sure which flavor to go with initially.

The tank is a leak-resistance cartomizer that is typically seen in vape mods, and this kit comes with 5 coils that will need to be replaced after a couple weeks of heavy vaping. 5 coils should last you at least a few months.  A charger cord and manual come included, all in a classy e-cigar style box. For a hefty price tag of $120, this device has to deliver on all levels and thankfully it truly does.

Easily one of our most preferred ecigars we’ve seen come through. Aristo has clearly corned the market and as long as they continue to produce high-quality devices such as this, they can own this niche for as long as they like.

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