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Apollo E-Cigar

Apollo Ecigs has had one e-cigar since they started years ago, and that's the only one they need. Easy choice for our top 5.
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If you are looking for a traditional hand-rolled cigar – but the vape version – this is one of the best. The E-Cigar by Apollo looks, tastes, and hits just like the real thing. With it’s mirrored stoogie image thanks to its hand-rolled wrapping, and its extremely smooth pull with each puff, this ecigar is one of our favorites.

A well-designed vapor tip, this ecigar hits very well – and with this disposable ecigar delivering up to 1500 puffs before tossing, its easily one of the best bang-for-your-buck when searching for  ao one-weekend vape cigar. This beast will definitely have your back for a weekend celebration or that long poker tourney.

In The Box:

(1) Disposable E-Cigar 

That’s it – and that’s all you need thanks to this ecigar coming precharged and ready to go right out of the box. No charging, no filling, just open and start puffing.  Once its charge has run out or the taste starts to deteriorate, just throw it away.

The Apollo Ecigar looks just like the real thing – even down to the soft tip that feels authentic, even after its gets knawled on for a few hours. As soon as this is in your hand, you will find yourself holding it like a real cigar and treating it like it was bought at the local cigar shop.  This ecigar comes with a nicotine level of 18mg – which is fairly high – so you need to vape it as so. The overall cloud is a bit lacking but the taste is there completely.

With this e-cigar coming in under $15 its tough to beat. The looks are impressive, the flavor is darn near spot on and it’s very easy to use. This will grab others attention and they will without a doubt want to take a pull from it – and the compliments are sure to follow.  This vape with a nice glass of scotch or a nice dark cup of coffee just work together well but I enjoy the fact that after a long night of hanging with the boys, I didn’t suck down a $40 cigar and left hurting the next day.

Cigar smokers can stop here – this is a must try.

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