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Best E-Cigars For 2018

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Finding the Best E-Cigar

E-Cigars are just that - a vaporizer resemblance to the real thing. E-cigars are vaping devices that look and taste just like a traditional stoogie. The best e-cigars have to hit the mark when it comes to flavor and has to have a long-lasting battery to carry you through whatever event you might find yourself partaking in. 

What to Look For

Most popular cigars focus on a cuban type flavor that we are all used to. Hence why the few vendors that make them strive to achieve this flavor. The best ecigars will be extremely easy to use - unwrap it and go. Some models will offer the ability to recharge it and to take it even further, they may allow you to fill a tank of different ecigar flavors. 

Battery Life

The typical e-cigar will come either as a solo package or offer you the choice to buy 3 or more at a discount. Either way, the battery life on these devices is important and the higher rated ecigars will last you for at least 1000+ puffs (this should be enough for a weekend or longer). Some will have a rechargeable battery and last you much longer-like that of a vape mod.


The price of most e-cigars by themselves - one ecigar - will run between $6 to $20 each. As mentioned, most vendors offer 3 or 10 and even up to 100 ecigar packages at a massive discount for those big poker parties or huge announcements. 

Best E-Cigars

Cigavette Cuvan E-Cigar

Cigavette E-Cigar

Vapor Production 100%
Build Quality 90%
Taste 95%
Value 90%

V4L King E-Cigar

V4L King E-Cigar

Vapor Production 100%
Build Quality 95%
Taste 90%
Value 85%

Aristo V2 E-Cigar

Aristo E-Cigar

Vapor Production 95%
Build Quality 95%
Taste 85%
Value 85%

E-Cigar Reviews

Cigavette’s Cuvana E-Cigar


If you are looking for a realistic e-cigar taste and experience, this is for you! Full size and complete with every detail covered, this impressive e-cigar will not only fool other people into thinking you are smoking a real cigar, it will also fool you after just a few puffs.

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Aristo 2 E-Cigar


ZC Aristo has recently upgraded their best e-cigar kit. The Aristo V2 delivers a bigger vapor output, a realistic look throughout the whole device from top to bottom, and now an extra battery! One of our favorites just got better and this kit gives you everything needed to get started - even a free 30ml bottle of your choice!

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Epuffer E-Cigars


E-puffer stands out from the other e-cigar vendors due to their massive lineup of different styles and flavors. The one we liked the most is their "Robusto".

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Apollo E-Cigar


1500 puffs, smooth Cuban tobacco flavor, and a huge 1300maH battery help put this on our list of best e-cigars. Perfect for that next poker game!

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ZC Aristo E-Cigar

$19.99 Single

ZC Aristo is one of our favorite e-cigars to date. This disposable ecigar covers the look and feel aspect greatly. The "Cuban Gold" hits the mark with taste and vapor production.

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