Do E-cigs Help?

Do E-Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

Most users of electronic cigarettes claim that they help them to stop smoking. Many of them, myself included give credit to these electronic vaping devices for helping them kick the habit. But do they really help smokers kicked the habit?

Technically, if you do not smoke tobacco you should not be considered a smoker, so electronic cigarette users (vapers) are technically not smokers. However vapers still indulge in the same act of smoking, they just use a different medium. So is a “Vaper” the same as a “Smoker”? To what extent are the similarities and the differences between these two habits? Are we just switching out one bad vise for another?

Most smokers are completely addicted to nicotine and want to quit smoking. The reason they want to quit smoking in most cases is due to the health implications from smoking. Everybody knows that smoking reduces your lifespan. The term “smoker” is commonly associated with cigarette smoke, coughing, lung cancer, and emphysema. Any time somebody hears the word “smoker” they think of these things.

So when people claim electronic cigarettes help them quit smoking, are they referring to smoking tobacco, or are they referring to the act of smoking? Most smokers who have converted to using electronic cigarettes want to distance themselves from tobacco as much as they can. Most of these former smokers feel electronic cigarettes are completely different in regards to the harmful effects that tobacco smoke inflicted. They also feel that they are getting the best of both worlds. The calming and relaxing feeling of having a cigarette butt without the harmful side effects.

So I guess we can claim that electronic cigarettes do help people stop using tobacco, but is that really stopping smoking?

I guess that varies on who you ask. Most former smokers or smokers consider e- cigarettes a completely different animal than tobacco cigarettes. However, many non-smokers and people who have never smoked see electronic cigarette users as just as bad or worse than tobacco smokers. They would not think twice to label electronic cigarette user a smoker simply because they are acting like smokers.

I would rather consider myself an electronic cigarette user that a smoker. But let’s face the truth, I still have a bad habit and I always will as long as I continue to use my electronic cigarette. I still depend on liquid nicotine to calm and relaxed me when I need it. I still have the same habits that I had when I was a tobacco smoker, I just do it a different way. So when it comes to claiming electronic cigarettes have helped me quit smoking, I would rather state that electronic cigarettes have helped me live my life without tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking, and nobody is claiming to rid you have any bad habits, just bad chemicals.

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