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Cigavette’s Cuvana E-Cigar

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If you are looking for a realistic e-cigar taste and experience, this is for you! Full size and complete with every detail covered, this impressive e-cigar will not only fool other people into thinking you are smoking a real cigar, it will also fool you after just a few puffs.
The Cuvana is the closest e-cigar to a real Cuban we have ever tried. With a very distinct cigar taste and awesome vapor output, this one makes our list with flying colors!
  • Vapor Production
  • Build Quality
  • Looks and Feel
  • Value
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery Life


The Cuvana by Cigavette rivals the King from Vapor4Life when dealing with flavor and vapor but this one comes in at a slightly better price point. With a massive 1800+ puff battery this one will last for many poker tournaments. The Cuvana is one of the few e-cigars that offers three different levels of nicotine to choose from.

Cigavette has been around for many years and this e-cigar has been one of the reasons why they are still one of the best vendors out there.

The Cuvana E-Cigar Specs:
Signature 'CUBAN' flavor
1,800 puff capacity
2+ year shelf life
Ring size 46-48
18mg, 12mg, or 0mg (nicotine content)
Authentic hand rolled look and feel
Realistic LED flame tip
100% disposable / No battery to charge
Use almost anywhere!

$34.99 For A Single
$249.95 for a 10-Pack (perfect for poker gatherings and celebrations

User Rating 4.5 (2 votes)

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