war on e-cigarettes

Used E-Cigarette Vapor

A good amount of us are ex-smokers that picked up an E-Cig and have never turned back. We switch for many reasons and we’re all well aware of the dangers of regular tobacco cigarettes and even its second hand smoke. But what about the vapor we are inhaling and the vapor being exhaled. There has been much controversy on the matter as there just isn’t much research being done on it.

Many of my friends honestly don’t care and use their E-Cigs freely even in front of their newborns and toddlers merely assuming it is safe. Recently on the news there has been a rumor on formaldehyde being present in the vapor being created by E-Cigs, but hasn’t really backed it up with a formal study. This scared some people and even a handful of folks I personal known went back to regular cigarettes. I recently stumbled upon this study

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Using Vapes and Your Body

Most people switch to e-cigarettes for various reasons. They don’t like the smell, they can’t smoke inside, it stains the walls, etc. But above all else the number one consideration in using an vape over regular tobacco cigarettes is to have a healthier lifestyle. It’s a no-brainer that e-cigs do not carry the tar and other carcinogens commonly found in cigarettes. So is this truly the Holy Grail we’ve been looking for?

Let’s start by talking about the heart. Smokers have bad hearts no question about that. The chemicals in cigarette smoke cause atherosclerosis. A disease in which plaque builds up in the arteries. Over time, the arteries narrows and thus your heart does not get the oxygen supply it needs. I direct your attention to this study: where the heart is tested after a short term period where they compare a group of vapers and users smoking regular …

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e-pipes are the best

E-Pipes. More Than Just a Novelty

E-Pipes, as you might have guessed, are electronic cigarettes shaped in a form of a pipe. I’m going to be honest and say I’m a bit biased. I freaking love e-pipes! I just love the way they look, the way the feel, and the fact you can put a super long drip tip on it! Performance wise it’s not the absolute best but they get the job done a lot better than other e-cigs that I’ve run into.

E-Pipes like any other vaporizer, houses an external battery (normally a smaller one like an IMR/ICR 18350), a tank based atomizer of some kind, and of course, your drip tip. The atomizer screws into your base (where the battery is) which is the large end of the e-pipe and the drip tip goes onto the atomizer. For the most part e-pipes are going to be unregulated, that is there is no screen …

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Man smokes electronic cigarette

The Best Vaping Etiquette

Congratulations! So you’ve made the switch from analogs (traditional cigarettes) and entered into the vast world of vaping. No longer do you have to roll down the window in the middle of winter to let that smog out or step outside after a huge satisfying meal. You’re no longer out of breath after extraneous activity and don’t reek of stink after a few drags during your lunch break. Fantastic! I’m excited, you’re excited, but we’re not all excited… Not everyone feels the same way as you do outside of your own home. As a community we must follow the basic rule: Don’t vape where you can’t smoke!

Why not? It doesn’t smell. There’s no danger of secondhand smoke. Vapor dissipates and doesn’t leave a lingering smell. So why can’t we take a few puffs during Happy Hour at Applebee’s?! Simple answer is we want to be courteous of others …

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e-cig components

How Exactly Does A E-Cigarette Work?

Every electronic cigarette, or vape,  has three major components:

  1. Battery
  2. Atomizer
  3. Reservoir


Battery– this may be a disposable battery, or rechargeable. Many of the batteries are built into the housing of the electronic cigarette and are not accessible. The bigger the battery, the longer you can go between charges. Most batteries put out around 3.7 volts unless they are variable voltage.

Disposable- throw-away one-time use. Just use and toss in trash when done. These are no hassle and easy to use.

Rechargeable- recharge the battery and replace the cartridge why empty

Vape Pen- bigger rechargeable battery and more powerful than disposable or rechargeable.

Vape – biggest electronic cigarette and usually heavier and bulky. Most have LED screen and adjustable settings such as voltage output. Many have removable rechargeable batteries.

Electronic Cigars– usually one-piece disposable unit that is filled with cigar flavored e-juice. Make to look like …

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