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To Clone or Not to Clone…

As you transition from beginner to an intermediate or advanced vaper, a lot of new and exciting hardware and accessories will be available to you. Items such as mechanical (or mech) mods, high wattage regulated vape mods, and rebuildable atomizers. Of course as with most hobbies, the deeper you dive into the rabbit hole, the more expensive some of these items can get. You may not know it, but some vapes can cost as much as $250 to $300! As well as some atomizers can costs well over $100 as well. Quite a leap from regular vape pen style vaporizers and tank based atomizers which averages at around $50 altogether. With these high prices and many vapers moving past the barrier from beginner to advanced, not everyone can afford to pay several hundred dollars for some of the advanced gear, especially since many vapers are ex-smokers that only spent …

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E-Cig Vapor Toxins Same as Human Breath

Lately, there have been many calls for regulation based on some of the analysis done on electronic cigarette vapor that is produced. Many concur that although the vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is only a fraction of the harmful chemicals regular tobacco cigarettes have, it is still not safe enough to be used indoors. In fact the United Nation’s WHO (World Health Organization) recently sent out a statement urging nations to consider banning indoor electronic cigarette usage because of some of the chemicals may be harmful (seriously a health organization used the term “may be harmful” to justify a ban, keep in mind this is a scientific organization, I’m still shaking my head).

However, no one has reported the control test that is, how regular human breath compares to the electronic cigarette vapor. It seems many of the chemicals in question are actually naturally produced by the human body …

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Does Second Hand Vapor From E-Cigs Contain Toxic Metals?

While there are still not extensive clinical results regarding e-cigarettes and the effects of first and second hand exposure to their vapor, all studies seem to conclude that e-cigarette vapor is far less harmful than smoke from combustible tobacco products. While vapor is clearly a better alternative to traditional smoking, e-cigarettes still release a certain amount of toxins in the air. Most studies thus far have focused on nicotine related effects, but a recent study expands the search for the negative effects of second hand vapor.

In August 2014, the Journal of Environmental Science, Processes and Impacts, published a study focusing on the particles that are generated by e-cigarettes. Comparing them to regular cigarettes, they analyzed the degree of exposure to different chemical agents a user, or a person exposed to second hand vapor, may experience.

Researchers at the University of Southern California found second hand vapor from e-cigarettes …

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Black Electronic Cigarette

How to Handle a Failed Battery

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion about batteries going haywire and how to prevent batteries from failing. I’ve talked about precautions and safety measures vapers should always take prior to using their electronic cigarette. However, I realized that I’ve failed to mention what to do if and when the battery does fail and start to vent. Let’s take a moment and cover that now.

So how do you know for sure if your battery is failing?

  1. Your battery is hot to the touch. If your battery is above room temperature and the past just a little bit warm. It’s time to put down the e-cig for a bit. If your battery is scorching got, abandon ship! The battery should not be used any longer.
  2. If you have scorch marks on the ends of the batteries. This is normally a sign of a short that has happened, but the
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Electronic cigarette explosion

Vape Blast and Mech Mod Explosions

The community of E-Cig users has grown a lot in the last decade. A lot of innovation and new products have been released over the years as well as new vendors popping up recently. It comes to no surprise that annual conventions are being held nationwide inviting all vapers young and old to attend. These conventions are similar to Comic-Con in California where some famous people (mostly YouTube reviewers) speak to an audience, new products are released and shown off, and “cloud chasing” contests are held.

For the most part, these conventions have gone off great with no injuries and everyone is very satisfied. Although there was a case this year where the hotel near or hosting, the convention did issue a complaint and asked all member attending the convention not vape in the hotel room as it was setting off the fire alarms. Aside from that, there hasn’t been …

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