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Do E-Cigs Make You Cough Less? And Other Studies from the ATS International Conference

Three separates studies looked at different aspects of e-cigarettes and their use, and brought to light some interesting questions about the future of e-cigarette research.

The first study of note came from lead author Dr. Peter Dicpinigaitis, MD who is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y. What they found was that with only one exposure to e-cigarette vapor, the participants of the study showed a diminished cough reflex sensitivity. While immediately it seems like coughing less is a good thing, the study authors believe that there may be more to it than that.

“Although e-cigarettes have become popular worldwide, very little is known about their effect on the respiratory system,” said Dr. Dicpinigaitis, “There has been no other research to our knowledge on the effect of e-cigarette use on the sensitivity of the cough reflex.”

Thirty lifetime …

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Tips to Keep Your Kids From Vaping

The numbers are out there, and just like in the adult population, more and more teens and adolescents are beginning to try e-cigarettes. While these numbers appear troublesome, the truth is that while e-cigarette use among young people is up, the incidence of smoking among teens has reduced dramatically. According to a report from the CDC, smoking among teens is down to 9.2% the lowest it has been in decades. While e-cig use is on the rise among the younger population, it is also gaining steady popularity with adults. Meaning the rise in youth use is likely just mirroring our society’s trends in general. If more adults are vaping, the same will be true with our kids.

That being said, no one wants anyone, especially children, to begin vaping and to start what could be a lifelong nicotine addiction. While there is a lot of debate about whether e-cigarettes act …

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Electronic cigarettes and health

Believe It Or Not Vaping Can Help You Become Healthier, Even If You Still Smoke Cigarettes

Many critics of e-cigarettes are quick to pick apart the little details on how e-cigs are truly used to help people quit smoking. Often you will hear them claim that e-cigarette users do not know what they are doing to their body, they are still addicted to nicotine, and perhaps, even worse, many of them still smoke cigarettes from time to time.

Regardless of the level of quitting smoking that a vaper is currently prescribed to, the overwhelming data suggests that use of e-cigarettes shows a substantial, if not total, reduction of cigarette consumption. Between 75% and 90% of vapers who were once smokers experience this reduction, if they don’t just go ahead and quit altogether.

Cigarette reduction, however, is not good enough for e-cigarette opponents, who cruelly attack dual e-cig and cigarette users. A key argument used by the critics seeking to demonize these products is to claim …

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E-cigarettes and clean air

New Study Shows E-Cig Vapor Has Similar Level Of Risk As The Air You Breathe

There have been numerous studies release that already confirm the reality that e-cigarette vapor is much safer than cigarette smoke. A new study, however, is going even further, proving that the vapor in e-cigarette contains nearly the same level of potentially problematic substance as in the ambient air that most of us breathe already every day when we step outside.

Critics of e-cigarettes continue to claim that we do not know enough about what is in e-cigarette vapor. And while everyone agrees we do need more studies and research, the proof is mounting toward the side of e-cigarettes and their true ability to offer smokers with a safer alternative to obtain their nicotine.

The new study, published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology looks at several leading American and British brands of e-cigarettes to show that levels of potentially problematic substances in e-cigarette aerosol are in reality about the …

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