The Dangers of Trivializing Vaping

The Dangers of Trivializing Vaping

By Lisa Marie Farver of

The United States has a problem with vaping, but the real problem with vaping has nothing to do with public health. It has everything to do with public perception. I recently read a brief piece in Esquire, and it perfectly demonstrated how the media had distorted the culture surrounding e-cigarettes. The proliferation of self-publication and social media has made it easy for writers to find a trending news topic, briefly research it, and churn out a three-paragraph piece that’s almost guaranteed to get some clicks.

Even more valuable for the author is the inevitable shares that come when you title a piece “Bro, the Government Is Coming for Your Vape Pen.” These shares may be valuable for the author and the publication, but they’re detrimental to vaping and to society as a whole because they do what all of …

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What is sub oHm vapinf

How To Use Sub-Ohm Vape Safely

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping and – is it Safe?

If you’re new to the world of e-cigarettes, atomizers, and e-liquids, you may have heard about those within the vaping community who are into sub-ohm vaping. Not unsurprisingly, if you haven’t heard the term before you may find yourself frantically Googling the answer, wondering what it is, why vaping enthusiasts are doing it, and if it’s something you’ve been missing out on. Perhaps most importantly, you may be wondering if sub-ohm vaping is safe; not just safe for your health but also safe for your favorite vaping device.

As with any ‘controversial’ topic, it’s easy to get swept up in the hype and pseudo-science surrounding it. Thankfully for you, the reader, these questions surrounding sub-ohm vaping are about to be answered.

The Basics of Sub-Ohm Vaping

When it comes right down to it, sub-ohm vaping is vaping using a …

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ecigs and junk science

why e-cigarettes have attracted so much junk

BY: Pascal Culverhouse

Do misleading, flawed, or deceptive e-cigarette studies get your goat? Here’s how you can spot junk science…

The science behind e-cigarette studies, as a whole, is exceptionally poor. The problem is that the media doesn’t really prefer good science to bad science, but rather it prefers sensational science to boring science. As a result, there have been several sensational headlines about vaping based on very poor science.

no vaping hereSadly, these sensationalized headlines are changing public perception. We all know at least one smoker who thinks that, based on what the newspapers say, “vaping is just as bad as smoking so they might as well not even try to switch”. This is an attitude that the tobacco companies are delighted with, but the rest of us should find deeply troubling.

The only solution is to learn how to spot junk science so that we can explain why vapers …

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Are There Free Radicals in My E-Cig Vapor?

A new report is now bringing to light some questions about the safety of electronic cigarettes. It has widely been reported that e-cigarettes are safer than their cancer causing predecessor, however now there is level of concern. The majority of research up to this point have pointed to e-cigs as a healthier option than regular cigarettes, one that does not contain the harmful carcinogens that cause cancer. This new study, however, is claiming that e-cigarette vapor contains a high amount of free radicals which can have a damaging effect on human cells and could be a contributing cause to the development of cancer and other common health problems.

The new report was published in the journal, Chemical Research in Toxicology, and was conducted by a group of researchers at Pennsylvania State University.  The researchers used commercially available vaping products that they testing with a vacuum machine, designed to …

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The E-Cigarette Spin Zone – 4 Sensationalized Vaping Headlines Examined!

There are so many thing involved in the e-cigarette debate. And whether you are for or against electronic cigarettes, you still want the most honesty in the news and headlines you receive. Unfortunately, news makes their money through advertising– and that means they want as many viewers, readers, or clicks as possible. To get that they need headlines.

E-cigarettes have been at the receiving end of some pretty big punches in the media, but once you investigate further, not all the headlines are really what they seem. Here, we will examine four common news headlines in regards to e-cigarettes that seem to be stretching the truth just to create a good story.

1. E-Cigarettes are a “gateway drug” for Youth Tobacco Use

Recently, in April 2015, the CDC released a report and press release regarding the issue of youth e-cigarette use. What they have found was a sizable increase …

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