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Vaping Vocabulary – Words Every Vaper Should Know

Whether you are new to vaping or already an intermediate vaper, you might be hearing a lot of buzz words that are unique to the vaping and e-cigarette industry.

You may be familiar with some of these words while never heard some of them. But you need to get to know some of these words if you plan to advance in the vaping industry. That is why we thought of putting together a vaping vocabulary of some of the most common words used in the vaping industry.

vaping pen for e liquid

510/KR-808 – This indicates the thread pattern of an e-cigarette battery. While 510 is the most common threading of an e-cig battery, KR-808 is the smaller version of it.

Atomizer – This indicates the heating element that is used to vaporize the e-juices.

Analog – A tobacco cigarette is known as an Analog in the e-cig industry.

Automatic Battery – It is …

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build your own coil

Build Your Own Atomizer Coils With Us

The sub-ohm tank is one of the greatest advancements in the history of vaping. Sub-ohm tanks outperform the cartomizers and clearomizers of the past in every way. They’re easier to fill. They generate bigger vapor clouds with purer, more accurate flavors. If a coil starts to become gunky, replacing it is a snap — just throw the old coil away and twist in a new one.

If you spend any time with other people who vape, though, you’ve seen how the other half lives. You’ve seen the spools of wire and the pouches of cotton. You’ve also seen the enormous vapor clouds. Maybe you’ve even felt a little jealous.

So, is a rebuildable atomizer for you? Building your own coils has plenty of benefits, but there’s also a lot of effort involved. This article will make your decision an easier one.

Generate Bigger Vapor Clouds

Rebuildable atomizers often have large …

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vape coil options and styles

The Best Vape Wire That Suits You The Most

So, you’ve gotten into vaping. The smoke tricks, the exotic flavors, and the aesthetic have lured you in, but you’re stalling on what to do with this new hobby. There’s a lot of avenues to explore within the vaping community, making a large and potentially confusing cloud of possibilities.

One of the most exhilarating hobbies that vape enthusiasts rage over is creating their own unique vape mods. Officially beginning to adjust them, however, can be difficult. Choosing the type of wire to use can be an important but difficult step of that.

In this article, we’ll mainly focus on the differences between different types of wires (mainly discussing the more common Kanthal and Nichrome, and mentioning Stainless Steel, Nickel, and Titanium) and how they impact the vaping experience.

What’s the Difference?

Each kind of wire comes in different diameters, which are referred to as the gauge of the wire. Higher …

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Vaping Battery Safety

Vape Safety: All About E-Batteries and Why Some Explode

It’s alarming for vapers and our friends to turn on the news and see yet another story on an exploding vape pens or vape batteries. Shoddily manufactured and poorly maintained e-cigarettes can be a serious hazard. Here are some tips on which ones are troublesome and how to protect yourself.

It’s the Battery

The cause of the problem is the battery. Most e-cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion batteries like the ones in your cell phone or camera. It’s the battery which heats up the chemical solution to turn it into vapor when you puff or press a switch. When left in pressurized areas such as overcrowded luggage compartments, lithium-ion batteries pose a fire hazard.

What Happens?

While the chance of e-cig batteries failing in normal conditions is very low, the cylindrical design of e-cigs and their batteries means that they are structurally vulnerable due to weak end points. When the

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man vaping with big vapor cloud

Tips To Have A Politeful Puffs

Vaping is a relatively new thing, and as such the rules are being written right now. Although not as intrusive and impolite and smoking, vaping should still be confined to certain times and places. If you wish to maintain a sense of decorum whilst enjoying a smokeless vape, read on.

Plenty of people vape politely

According to The Mirror UK, more than two million people use electronic cigarettes in the United Kingdom. And, since Britain is a typically polite society, we turn to them for good advice about vape etiquette. This is a good thing, as some 35 percent of vapers admit to not knowing where, exactly, they can puff their e-cig with impunity.

First, don’t assume you can vape anywhere at will. Blowing vapors into someone else’s face is never acceptable, and “stealth vaping” is a no-no, too. Avoid vaping in elevators, supply closets, and other confined spaces.

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