how to clean your vape

How To Clean Your Vape Tank and Mod

Ever taken that new, fresh atomizer out of the box, put your favorite e-juice in and gotten a not-so-flavorful hit? Or switching out your e-juice for another flavor only to get a hit of two mingling flavors that might not taste so great?

Don’t worry. We’ve all done it. It just means that you need to clean your tank. Cleaning it is relatively simple and should be done regularly to keep your tank working well and your vapor tasting as it should.

Keeping your tank clean doesn’t take a lot of time. You don’t even have to use fancy-schmancy cleaning kits, though have at it if you want. All you really need are water, alcohol, unscented dishwashing liquid, a bowl, and paper towels.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting that atomizer tank squeaky clean.

  1. First, whether it’s fresh from the box or your old, trusty tank, you need to
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vape kits for beginners

Finding the Best Vape Starter Kit for Beginners

Vaping starter kits have been on the rise lately, with various vape subscription boxes offering different packages for different vape enthusiasts from beginners to pros.

Vaping and it benefits have been hitting the newsstands constantly recently. Although many were suspicious as vaping first began to become popular, it’s now been proven that vaping can massively help smokers to quit.

This year’s NHS Stoptober campaign even encouraged smokers to try vaping and increase their chances of quitting. Vaping still gives smokers a hit of nicotine but in a lower and less harmful dose – which they can slowly decrease by choosing different strengths of nicotine e-liquids and can inhale without the harmful tar of cigarettes.

Stoptober claimed that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes (95% safer), increasing health and life expectancy as well as being cheaper and less of a fire hazard, and even removes the stale smoke smell of cigarettes …

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sub ohm tanks

Sub-Ohm Vaping

The Basics of Sub-Ohm Vaping

sub ohm tanks

Once you get into vaping more, you realize there are some highly technical things at work that go beyond just pushing a button. It might even seem a little overwhelming at first but the idea of sub-ohm vaping is not as highly technical as it sounds.

Every vape has an atomizer, and every atomizer has an electrical resistance that is measured using the scientific unit, “ohm.” Regular vaporizers usually have an ohm resistance between 1 and 3 ohms, however, vapers that are searching for bigger and better clouds have ventured into the world of sub-ohm vaping.

Sub-ohm vaping refers to atomizers with a lower resistance level, below 1 ohm, between 0.1 and 1 ohms. In layman’s terms, this basically means you are allowing the battery to deliver more power (because there is less resistance) to the coils. What this enables are larger clouds and stronger …

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mech mods on table

The Mech Mod Explained

Take a battery, a metal tube with some holes in the bottom for venting, an atomizer connection piece, and a firing switch to complete the electrical circuit and you have yourself a Mech mod. No circuit boards – no fancy LCD screen- and no regulations help put mech mods in a category all their own. The handoff from this basic setup – massive vapor output – to put it lightly.

These mods are the simplest electrical current in any device used for vaping.  With just a battery in a tube and a firing switch, the mech mod is the Amish version of vaping due to its simplicity. With no built-in protection inside – it is highly recommended only the most experienced vapers use or work with this style of ecig. Common sense and some background/history in working with electricity are also encouraged.

One significant aspect that mech mods do …

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Fake electronic cigarettes

Beware Of Vape Counterfeits!

The vaping market has grown faster than anyone could have imagined. With sales this year looking to top 8 billion dollars manufacturers worldwide have taken notice. This has created a tremendous variety of products for the consumer, which is a wonderful, but also a dangerous thing. According to numerous law enforcement agencies and manufacturers of vaping devices, illicit trade of these devices is on the rise across many developed countries, creating more uncertainty for the vaping community and industry worldwide.

The Wall Street Journal shed light on the rise of the counterfeiters in their February 20th, 2015 edition. They spoke with Liberty Flights Ltd. a well-known British manufacturer of e-cigarettes that offers safe vaping products for its consumers. Imitation versions of their devices and e-liquids are now beginning to appear in several markets not only in England, but in places around the world. These counterfeits are generally made using cheaper …

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