bottle of liquid in green bottle

Being Smart With Your E-Juice

We all know e-juice is a ratio of PG, VG, flavoring, and various levels of nicotine. On every bottle there is (or at least there should be) a warning label stating you should keep it away from children and pets and for good reason. e-juice smells amazing with an assortment of different flavors.

Children and pets are very curious often putting everything in their mouths such as sand, legos, coins, and their own poop (the pets not the kids.. at least I hope so). Most poisonings that we hear on the news are from pure negligence and two suicides (but let’s not dawn on that). We as responsible adults need to exercise responsibility and keep our sweet e-juice on the top shelf, under lock and key away from our furry and underage roommates. But we should be exercising caution on ourselves as well.

Take it from someone that overdosed …

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