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E-Juice: Diacetyl Revisited

In a previous blog entry, I mentioned knowing what is in your e-juice, as some substances in your e-juice could prove to be devastating to your health. Recently there has been quite a stir in the electronic cigarette community regarding the chemical known as diacetyl in e-juices. Diacetyl is an FDA approved substance that gives a buttery and creamy taste to substances. When ingested it is safe, in fact many of the foods you buy at the grocery store (especially the ones with artificial flavoring) most likely has diacetyl in it. However, when copious amounts of diacetyl is inhaled, it can severely damage your lungs. Long-term exposure to diacetyl via inhalation can cause something called obliterative bronchiolitis (also known as popcorn lung) which is a rare syndrome that hinders respiratory function. Obliterative bronchiolitis is when the bronchioles in the lungs are being compressed and narrowed by scar tissue and/or …

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Bottle of E-liquid for Electronic cigarette

Premium and “Regular” E-Juice. What’s The Difference?

As vaping becomes increasingly more popular, I am seeing more and more vendors throw around the word “premium” on their line of flavors. How their line of e-juices only using premium flavoring, and it is the best on the market. I’ve also seen e-juice manufacturers charge a whopping $1/ml for a bottle of e-juice; that’s $30 for 30ml worth of e-juice. But what exactly are you paying for? What justifies the price of such high price e-juice? Why pay $30 for 30ml when you can buy a 30ml bottle for $10 elsewhere? Is it just a fad a gimmick or is there really a noticeable difference?

Let’s break down the base shall we? Nicotine, VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and PG (Propylene Glycol) are found in every bottle of e-juice. This base makes up 85% to 95% of the bottle of e-juice that you are paying for, and it is virtually …

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Adventures in DIY Part II: Making My Own Ejuice

Last week I wrote about my blunders and tribulations of making my e-juice. It had its ups and downs but after many revisions, I had something that I could vape without instantly regretting it. I wanted to see how the professional e-juice makers were doing it on a large scale instead. I called up a few of my favorite vendors in the tri-state area to see if there were willing to have a one on one and talk about their experience and walk me through their process. Regrettably not many vendors wanted to reveal their e-juice secrets to me, but fortunately, I did have two vendors (who wanted to remain anonymous) willing to share their secrets and their e-juice making process with everyone who wants to know about it.

My first vendor was a small startup that recently opened for business. Their place was smaller than most B&Ms, but …

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man making e-juice

My Adventure in Do it Yourself E-Juice

Let’s take a break from recent events and talk about something fun for a change. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of e-juices and even pondered changing the flavor or wondering if adding another flavor would make the e-juice really shine. For the last week, I’ve been spending a lot of time making my own e-juice. I’ve been doing this long enough to know what makes e-juice. You have your nicotine, PG, VG, and flavoring. It seemed really simple in my mind but by the end of the week, I’ve found a new respect for e-juice mixologists.

I placed my order from several different websites with about 30 different flavorings as I wanted to try a variety of flavors instead of using the same one over and over. For the most part, everything came in a small glass vial. After doing some research, one of the main reasons …

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Made in China E-liquid target

Review Of Chinese E-Juice Manufactures

Among the e-cigarette community as well as the general public for that matter there has been a lot of controversy over e-juice that is being made in China. Although I do not personally suggest going with a Chinese vendor when purchasing vape juice, however there is no hard conclusive evidence that Chinese flavoring companies such as Hangsen and Dekang are producing non-safe or poisonous e-juice. Nonetheless you should really air on the side of caution and purchase the best American made e-juice instead.

Why? Two big reasons quality control and taste. China manufacturers aren’t known for having the best quality control when manufacturing… well anything to be honest. Their e-juice may not contain any harmful substances as they claim, but what about the equipment. Can we truly trust them to have it cleaned properly without any trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead? Are they making e-juice in a …

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