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Most Rated E-Liquids for Starters

What is an e-cigarette without proper e-liquids? Just bare, flavorless, boring things finding their way into your system. Without the right juice that will suit your taste, your effort to quit smoking or to attain your goal in vaping might go shorthanded before you even realize it. This is why it is essential to know which e-juice will serve as your go-to flavor when you vape.

Then comes the important question: What are good flavors? Besides the obvious of tobacco and menthol, what are a few exotic blends that are more interesting? What are the e-liquid flavors that every vaper must try at least once in his life?

This is the perfect guide for those new to the diverse world of vaping and for veteran users who have trustee go-to juices. The enormous amount of options can be overwhelming, so we got it covered for you. This list consists of …

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Is There Good and Bad Nicotine?

Most of us tend to think that when it comes to nicotine, there is no good or bad quality, however, many vapers are discovering that quality in the liquid form of nicotine is a real issue. Whether it be from a lack of purity or mishandling along the way, substandard nicotine can turn a pleasurable vaping experience into a harsh one.

More About Nicotine

First, nicotine is not tobacco. However, nicotine is present in the tobacco plant, as well as many other naturally growing plants. It is a natural pesticide, designed to keep the tobacco plant safe from pests.

There is no doubt that nicotine is an incredibly addictive substance, however, there is some question regarding whether it is truly safe or not, or if it even may have some benefits that are often shrouded by the negativity around tobacco smoke. This has unfortunately clouded the truth around the use …

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Examining Hazardous Vape Juice Flavorings

On most packages of e-liquid, the ingredient lists are small, just a few ingredients, but then at the end, there’s that little word – flavoring. Whether natural or artificial, this little word, the least prevalent ingredient in any e-liquid may be the most dangerous ingredient of all.

In reality, most flavorings in e-liquid do not cause harm, but there are a select few that, while safe to consume, are not as safe to inhale. While the FDA approves the majority of the flavorings used for consumption, not only do they not often test for inhalation risks but with no regulation for e-cigarettes yet in place there is nothing to stop any company from using any flavoring they so desire. Ethical and responsible companies are going to do everything they can to provide vapers with a quality e-liquid or e-juice. However, even the e-liquid companies cannot make studies materialize that do …

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caffeine and vaping

What Are The Modern Things In Vaping


With the e-cigarette industry booming on both sides of the Atlantic there’s been a lot of experimentation as to how vaping can be modified, just look at the recent explosion in sub-ohm vaping for evidence of how this craze continues to move at such a level, those for it are passionate and fight their corner, against those against who are eager to highlight the risks. Said topic has already been covered far and wide, across the world, by journalists and hobbyists alike. So we thought it would be good idea to concentrate on something which doesn’t get enough coverage, the experimental side of vaping and how we can do great things with it.

With the flexibility and huge following of this movement, it was only a matter of time before other stimulants jumped on nicotine’s bandwagon. A company in the US has now created what is essentially an energy …

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is there formaldehyde in your ecigarette?

What Type Of Chemicals In E-Cigarette Vapor

The New England Journal of Medicine recently released a preliminary study that is bringing into question a new concern about the risks of using electronic cigarettes claiming a certain level of usage could expose the user to formaldehyde.

You remember formaldehyde, that unmistakable smell from that day you had to dissect a frog in your junior high school science class. In addition to its use for embalming, formaldehyde is also a substance use in industrial strength disinfectant and is an ingredient in permanent-press fabrics, many glues, plywood and a whole host of other household products. Formaldehyde is also in that old fashioned, tobacco cigarette as well.

The study, release on January 22, 2015 shows that under certain conditions, taking approximately 10 puffs from an e-cigarette could expose a user to about two and a half times as much formaldehyde as he or she would get from smoking just one tobacco …

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