big tobacco vs electronic cigarettes

Big Tobacco’s Hidden Agenda Against Electronic Cigarettes

Just last week, two major tobacco companies, Reynolds American Inc. and Lorillard Inc. came out swinging, encouraging U.S. health officials to move swiftly when it comes to the regulation of e-cigarettes. Reynolds, who manufactures Camel, and Lorillard who makes Newport, are saying that the lack of clear rules for e-cigarettes makers is impeding the ability for smokers to switch to truly less-hazardous products.

Reynolds Chief Executive Officer Susan Cameron said at the Global Tobacco Networking Forum last week in Virginia that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration needs to review proposed guidelines for the e-cigarette industry thus creating a level playing field for electronic cigarette competitors. Lorillard CEO Murray Kessler echoed those feelings when he spoke at the same conference, adding that if the agency fails to create regulation in a timely manner, it could jeopardize the huge potential health benefits gained when smokers convert to using vapes. …

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new york city ecig ban

New York Smoking Rates Increase after E-Cig Ban


If you did not already know, New York recently would increase the tobacco restrictions back in April of this year. Even with overwhelming evidence New York lawmakers still insist on grouping electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product thus banning electronic cigarettes in most public places. This is in part of New York’s clean air act which is New York’s attempt of decreasing smoking rates among the public. However, it seems that smoking rates have actually increased!

Back in 2010 the documented smoking rate was 14%; a superb rate and lower than the Nation. However, according to the latest data, as of last year there were approximately a little over 16% adults smoked last year, a rise from the recorded value of 2010. So even with the increase restrictions and high taxes, New Yorkers are still finding tobacco to be a sought after commodity. Either that or more adults are …

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e-cigarette and Heart association

E-Cigarettes approved as Cessation Devices and Harm Reducers

The American Heart Association recently released a policy statement regarding Electronic Cigarettes in their journal, Circulation. The American Heart Association, or AHA, has long been a proponent of tobacco control, and reports great success with their efforts of reducing the number of youth and adolescents who become active smokers. The AHA published their policy and guidance on e-cigarettes, and while they stressed the importance of more research and regulation, they also reaffirmed how electronic cigarettes can be an effective, and a safer, method of nicotine replacement therapy that can aid users in their battle to quit smoking.

The AHA provided recommendations for policy on the manufacturing, use and distribution of e-cigarettes in their report published on August 25th, 2014. Their policy stresses how they believe we as a society should move forward in the new and ever-changing market of electronic nicotine delivery systems. Stressing the absolute importance of more research …

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woman using an electronic cigarette

American Heart Association Recommends E-Cig Usage

Hallelujah! Finally, some good news for the vape users out there in the world. On Monday August 27th, 2014, the American Heart Association issued their official policy on electronic cigarettes. This is one of the first times a major health organization has backed the usage of electronic cigarettes as a means to quit smoking and as a smoking cessation tool. Normally health organizations such as the FDA and most recently WHO have disregarded current research and bluntly called for regulation and bans even with existing research.

Although the American Heart Association is stating e-cigs should be used only as a last resort in their official policy, they do not disregard ecigs and are including them as a smoking cessation tool. Before we get too excited, the American Heart Association still agrees with most health organizations in terms of regulation as well as the concern for minors.  They still want …

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E-Cig Usages

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos and Dr Riccardo Polosa, two world renowned cardiologists, published an article last month defending the usage of electronic cigarettes. This is of course exciting news as most professionals in the medical field have given nothing but negativity towards electronic cigarettes. Farsalinos and Polosa however not only backs up electronic cigarettes but goes as far as to state “not enough evidence” is a weak argument against electronic cigarettes. Claiming that by stating there isn’t sufficient evidence alone lacks any real proof that electronic cigarettes actually do any harm to an individual; whereas there is considerable evidence that electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than regular tobacco cigarettes.

Farsalinos and Polosa go in depth in their research by debunking many myths that have been spread recently and actually research to back up their claims. Farsalinos and Polosa also states many of the research done that shines electronic cigarettes in …

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