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Secondhand Smoke vs. Secondhand Vapor – Why They Are Different?

The comparison between secondhand smoke and vapor seems to be a hot topic today. Considering several cities, places and national parks have banned the use of e-cigarettes without even examining the secondhand effects the devices have.

Since, e-cigarettes release a vapor, the act of smoking an e-cigarette is commonly known as ‘vaping’ and not smoking.

This is the reason why scientists continue to evaluate the effects of secondhand vapor and how it is different from secondhand smoke. A clearly defined difference between the two will help us to regulate the use of e-cigarettes in public places.secondhand vapor

It is interesting to note that the second-hand effects of vapor are assessed to be minor to non-existent. Although the negative influences of secondhand smoking are well documented and are declared to be a threat to other people’s health as well, it does not justify the use e-cigarettes indoors or in closed …

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e-cigarettes and the decline of smoking

As Popularity of E-cigs Rise, More Smokers Are Quitting

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recently reported on an intensive research study that was carried out by Cancer Research UK and University College London. The research was conducted during the years of 2006 through to 2015. Their findings are both insightful and incredibly hopeful for those individuals who wish to quit traditional cigarettes.

The numbers of people living in the UK who smoked cigarettes during these years dramatically fell. This indicated that the popularity of e-cigarettes was a contributing factor to this drop. To put this report into perspective, it was found that 18,000 additional individuals living in the UK, were able to stop smoking because of their introduction to vaping. That’s a significant number of people.

An Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

As a nation of smokers, we need to embrace the world of vaping and take full advantage of the fact that it can help people to …

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E-Cig as Cessation Method & Harm Reducers

cigarette and e-cigaretteAnother groundbreaking report coming out of England is confirming, once again, that e-cigarettes are not only safer than cigarettes, but that they can be used as an effective path to smoking cessation. The Royal College of Physicians published a nearly 200-page long report entitled, “Nicotine Without the Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction.” The report includes information that not only confirms e-cigarettes are leaps and bounds safer than combustible tobacco products, but it also debunks several popular e-cigarette myths in the process.

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), located in the United Kingdom, investigates everything from e-cigarette harm reduction to regulatory strategies in the industry. Overall they conclude that, “in the interests of public health it is important to promote the use of e-cigarettes, NRT and other non-tobacco nicotine products as widely as possible as a substitute for smoking in the UK.”

Their report also cites another recently released study from …

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Vaping Indoors Does Not Affect Air Quality

A new study is bringing to light the truth about indoor air quality and how it truly is affected by e-cigarette vapor. The recent research is suggesting that e-cigarette vapor after exhaled by the user will completely dissipate in a matter of seconds, finally putting to rest the concerns critics have voiced over the effect of “second-hand vapor,” and vaping indoors.

The recent study was presented at the Workplace & Indoor Aerosols conference held annually in Barcelona, Spain.  The research team consisted of three separate independent research organizations designed to produce fair and honest results.The study had regular vapers use commercially available e-cigarettes in a controlled set of environments to measure the particle concentration that would result in the air surrounding the exhaled vapor. In all controlled environments, even in a non-ventilated room, the scientists observed an almost immediate evaporation of the e-liquid vapor. Within seconds they …

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E-Cigarettes Use as Cessation Devices

There has always been a fair amount of argument on both sides of the debate on whether or not e-cigarettes have any potential to help you quit smoking. Those who are opponents of the e-cigarettes industry claim they are more likely gateway devices to encourage nicotine use, rather than devices that can help people stop smoking the more dangerous traditional cigarette. Those who have had experience, however, will testify to the power of the e-cigarette to aid in cessation and help turn a lifetime smoker into a non-smoker.

The truth is, however, that with only a few years on the market under their belt, it is impossible to calculate if they are truly cessation devices, at least in the long term sense. New research, however, is suggesting that there really may be a tie between smoking cessation and e-cigarettes, a correlation that could dampen the claims of the e-cigarette opponents.…

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