Portable Herbal Vaporizers

Pax 3 Review


PAX 3 Review: One of the Best Portable Vaporizers The legalization of recreational marijuana across the United States has created a massive demand for devices that lets people vaporize weed. It all started in the year 2007, when the original PAX was developed as the weapon of choice for weed smokers who were in search of a portable herbal vaporizer. The PAX has come a long way since taking the...

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PAX 2 Vaporizer by Ploom


The PAX 2 by Ploom has a lot of power in a little package. The small size shouldn’t fool you; this little kit has all you need for an amazing and easy vaping experience, with a little device that heats up in less than a minute. Its sleek design makes it a popular choice for stealth vapers. The heating element or the oven as it is referred to as is located on the bottom of the unit, and it is easy...

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Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer is a well-priced herbal vaporizer from Mig Vapor. The Matrix works for both dry herb material and waxes and other concentrates and in this convenient kit you will have everything you need to enjoy both. One of the key features of the Matrix is its ceramic chamber, that can hold a fair amount of herb or dry tobacco while at the same time being able to distribute the...

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Pro Series 7


  The V2 Series 7 vaporizer is the latest device from V2. V2 continues to strive to stay on top of the latest e-cig technology, and their Series 7 is leading the charge! This new 3-in-1 device gives you some awesome flexibility with different vaping options. A massive upgrade from the smaller Series 3 “pen” style device, including features like automatic temperature to warm up...

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DaVinci Ascent Herbal Vaporizer


  DaVinci’s Ascent is one of the most well-known personal herbal vaporizers on the market, and one look and it is easy to see why. The Ascent has an unparalleled style that makes it a clear standout in the herbal vaping market. The Ascent Bundle comes with everything you need for both loose leaf and oil varieties of vaping and is an excellent device for anyone looking to enjoy herbal vaping...

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