E-Cigarettes 101: What Goes Inside?

We’ve see the growth of the e-cigarette trend move from what are purposefully made, facsimile versions of a traditional cigarette to the new, stylized, custom devices in such design variations virtually anyone can find one to sync with their personal style. The designs may have evolved radically but the fundamentals for how e-cigarettes or vaping devices work have changed little.

Components: The Things That Tick

Many out there who wonder about the vaping movement, those new to the entire thing know little about the actual devices at the heart of the trend. How do they work? What is inside those tubes? What are all those people smoking? First, there is no “smoking” going on. Nothing is burning. All those people are inhaling vapor, hence the name, “vaping”. Okay, so how is this vapor produced and what is in it? What makes it all tick?

Battery: The battery is the largest …

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Are There Dangerous Carcinogens in Your E-cigarette?

Human body with cancer cells spreading and growing

The headlines that have appeared recently in the news regarding e-cigarettes provided some source of worry for users and manufacturers of vaping devices. The troubling headlines which were all over the Internet, claim things like, “Study shows E-cigarettes contain 10 times more carcinogens than cigarettes” and “E-cigarettes aren’t as healthy as you think.” However, reading these headlines only begs the question is there truly a cause for concern, or this just another sensationalized attempt to vilify the e-cigarette industry?

The headlines, as well as the many stories that have come to light recently on this topic, are referring to the results of a study commissioned by the Japanese Health Ministry that came to press last week. These findings cannot be found in any official press release. They were not released in a press conference, nor were they published in a scientific paper. Those facts, however, did not stop numerous media …

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What Are The Aspects Need to Know Before Buying Low End E-Cigs

E-cigs range wildly in prices from $5 to some well over $1,000. So why in the world is there such a wide range in prices if the concept is all the same? A lot of people feel they shouldn’t be paying top dollar for e-cigs and consider anything more than a few dollars to be extremely excessive. Some people even know that their e-cig is inferior in quality and doesn’t care and claim since they are smoking, what they’re doing is better. As much as I want to agree with this concept, I hate hearing it.

Recently scientists at the University of California Riverside tested a “low end” and “mid-range” electronic cigarette at a local convenience store. The “low end” device was a Cig-a-Like whereas the “mid-range” device was similar to the high-end devices, or at least the scientists claimed. The “mid-range” device was most likely an vape pen …

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Let’s Talk About Disposable E-Cigarettes

It’s been several years since I had a disposable e-cig. So I really had to immerse myself back into using a disposable before I could write this properly. For the last week, I’ve been using nothing but disposable e-cigs bought from local stores. My main intention is for two target audiences; the folks who want to make the switch from cigarettes and want something that feels and looks the same, and the folks who have already made the switch but are in a bind because they’re lost their current e-cig or their current e-cig is out of battery.

When I went to the local gas station and picked up 2 separate disposables, they were right next to the regular cigarettes behind the cashier and out of reach of the children. I looked at the back of both packages and they have all the warnings of nicotine but unlike …

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