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World Health Organization Calls for E-Cig Ban Indoors

The World Health Organization or WHO on Tuesday August 26th 2014 issued a report calling for the ban of indoor usage of electronic cigarettes claiming yet again there isn’t enough research done on these devices for it to be considered safe to use as well as being a potential gateway for children into nicotine addiction.

For those out there that are unfamiliar with WHO, the World Health Organization is the directing and coordination authority for health in the United Nations. They are responsible for any and all health related matters around the world, setting standards, streamlining health agendas, supporting and monitoring countries in health related matters, and articulating evidence-based policy options. WHO counters all new and emerging health threats around the globe it is strange as well as concerning that they take an interest in e-cigs at all especially since their basis for this ban is the lack of research …

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Vap-a-Vet E-cig Program

The Vape a Vet Project

Vape a Vet is a non-profit organization geared towards getting veterans and their families away from the habit of smoking and using vaping as an alternative instead. When I say non-profit I mean it is truly a non-profit organization as even the founder, Will Cohen an ex-smoker of 15 years, of the Vape a Vet Project has refused to take a salary which is a very uncommon practice even for non-profit organizations. Vape a Vet is based out of Phoenix, Arizona and officially became a non-profit organization July of 2013. They send everything from E-Juice to hardware to veterans in need. They especially focus on all inclusive starter kits as the group they focus on are often overseas and can’t get to a local store that sells E-Cig accessories.

Vape a Vet’s primary focus is to help Veterans and their families conquer their current tobacco habits by providing free vaping …

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Paypal and E-Cigs Don’t Mix

As you go deeper into the rabbit hole and when you start investing more money into E-Cigs or vaping as most veterans in the community would call it, you’ll most likely start to gather a small collection of mods and accessories. When newer hotter items come on the market, you may not be able to resist and whip out the old wallet and buy even more (I’m definitely one of those people). And as your collection gets larger and larger, it’ll get to the point where you’ll want to get rid of some of the stuff you’ve gathered over time. So what should you do? Selling it off or even giving it to some of your friends and family seems to be the logical step. However, if you’re a loner like myself or if your friends and loved ones never smoked or don’t want to convert (yep I’m in this …

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FDA Regulations: What it Means to the Electronic Cigarette Community

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while as this is an extremely controversial topic to E-Cig users and non E-Cig users alike. In the past, I’ve said that regulation could be a good thing as there are cases that some vendors are unhygienic and do not use simple safety precautions when creating E-Juice.

However in a previous article where I visited two separate E-Juice manufacturers I’ve shown this is not always the case. There are many vendors out there that do take the time and energy to make sure nothing is being contaminated, measurements are being done precisely, and everything is clean and sterile. I agree needs to be some sort of regulation for the vendors not being as meticulous about their E-Juice making as others; however, the proposed level of regulation by the FDA are preposterous and will put a lot (even the vendors doings things …

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Social Aspects Of E-Cigs

As we all know, electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are one of, if not the fast-growing segments of the nicotine products market. This summer, lawmakers in North Carolina will be debating two E-cigarette related proposals in their state house, and although “technically” there are two debates, both of these debates have relatively the same outcome; to raise much-needed state tax revenue.

The first of these two debates is over whether or not to legalize the sales of electronic cigarettes in county jails, where the goal of this law requested by North Carolinas’ Sheriffs’ Association, would be to nullify a law passed earlier this year banning county inmates from possessing any and all electronic cigarettes and/or vapor related products. This new measure which has been quietly snuck into house bill 1133 specifically gives only county jails and “not” state prisons the authority to sell e-cigarettes and other smoking “cessation” items like nicotine …

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