The Current War on E-Cigs

As many of the E-Juices and devices are often created without proper inspection and the E-Juice can have wildly inaccurate amounts of nicotine in each bottle depending on how diligent the E-Juice makers are in measuring the nicotine.

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CASSA and What it Means to You

CASSA stands for Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association and they are one of the main groups right now fighting for your right to use electronic cigarettes.

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Being Smart With Your E-Juice

We all know E-Juice is a ratio of PG, VG, flavoring, and various levels of nicotine. On every bottle there is (or at least there should be) a warning label stating you should keep it away from children and pets and for good reason.

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Do E-Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

Most users of electronic cigarettes claim that they help them to stop smoking. Many of them, myself included give credit to these electronic devices for helping them kick the habit. But do they really help smokers kicked the habit?

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How I Switched To Electronic Cigarettes

I had tried to quit smoking many times. I tried going cold turkey, the patch, the gum, hypnosis, the pill, and even a mild form of shock therapy using a rubber-band on my wrist. I could not quit. I hated cigarettes, but I did not have the willpower to quit using them.

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Tips and Tricks to Using E-Cigarettes

Hardware If you are not a heavy smoker, try a disposable electronic cigarette first. They are cheap and you can try a few flavors you might like. They are easy to use and there is no mess or e-liquid to fill. There are a million and one choices so find a reputable brand and try several until you find the one for you. If you are a med-heavy smoker I suggest a starting with rechargeable electronic...

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E-Cigarettes In The Office: A How To

Using e-cigarettes in the office can be a sensitive issue. Many companies have policies that prohibit tobacco use on their property, however electronic cigarettes are not considered tobacco products as of this writing.

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E-cigs. An Alternative, Not A Cure

The FDA has not authorized electronic cigarettes as a smoking sensation device, and they cannot be marketed as such, however this has not prevented smokers to use them to reduce or completely eliminate the act of smoking tobacco and the harm caused by it.

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