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cocaine and electronic cigarettes

E-Cigs. A Gateway Drug to Cocaine?

Goodness! The amount of nonsense and misinformation these days on electronic cigarettes are soaring. Apparently two renounced scientist claim that electronic cigarettes (more importantly the nicotine, but they focus on E-Cigs oddly enough) are a gateway drug for cocaine. Let me begin by saying that the scientists’ (Eric R. Kandel, M.D., and Denise B. Kandel, Ph.D. one of which actually won a Nobel prize by the way) study is an interesting read and I would advise anyone to have a quick glance or at least look at their conclusions. However, as interesting as their study was they took a huge leap jumping directly at the electronic cigarette industry and calling for increased regulation.

The study dives into the addicting nature of both nicotine and cocaine to see if for those who are addicted to nicotine would have a higher dependence on cocaine. The study was done on mice with two …

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FDA research

FDA paying $270 million for E-Cig Research

When I first heard the news, I was a bit shocked not so much on the FDA doing E-Cig research, but more so the amount of money being spent to do said research. It comes to no surprise that the FDA has proved to be a roadblock for E-Cig users out there; deeming them unsafe because of the lack of long-term research being done. Well, they’re putting their money (or rather the tax payer’s money) where their mouth is and funding their own (hopefully unbiased) research towards electronic cigarettes.

With 270 million dollars many E-Cig users out there are hoping the money (used to fund over 50 separate studies) will get some real answers and debunk current myths and misnomers often used by lawmakers to increase E-Cig regulation. These studies are not just towards E-Juice, but everything E-Cig related including the E-Cig itself as well as high and low wattages …

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cigarettes and stethascopre

Ulcerative colitis and Nicotine

Ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease that affects the colon of the stomach, often time resulting in ulcers forming that causes severe diarrhea and discomfort for anyone that has this disease. There is no cure for this disease, but there are some treatments. Some work quite well depending on the person, but sometimes the treatment has little to no effect. However, it seems nicotine could have a preventative role in conquering this disease. It seems people with diagnosed ulcerative colitis have less severe symptoms when they are habitual nicotine users than those who are non-smokers. In fact, there are more people with this disease with non-smokers than there are with smokers.

Back in 1999 a study was done to see the effects of nicotine for patients diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Instead of tobacco cigarettes, nicotine gum was used instead (which makes a lot more sense if you …

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city of chicago ecig ban

Chicago Bans E-cigs from Public Places



It’s not news that the city Chicago has been at war with electronic cigarettes. The E-Cig community has been fighting tooth and nail with lawmakers to prevent further regulation from happening. For those of you who do not know, Chicago has been passing one regulation after another this year. After an overwhelming 45-4 vote to regulate E-Cigs back in January, E-Cigs have been banned in virtually all public indoor places. Many businesses have adopted this policy as well. Not just restaurants and bookstores, we’re talking about bars as well. Often times E-Cig users have to join regular smokers outdoors to enjoy their E-Cigs, not the most enjoyable thing to be vaping in while getting second-hand smoke. Recently Chicago has issued a ban on all public parks as well.

Now you may be thinking, hey a park is a public place full of children and folks walking their …

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no smoking ecigs

California: The Pacific Theater in the Electronic Cigarette War

Although many of the local governments have the best intentions, they really need to keep the small businesses in mind. Vape shop owners put up their life savings into a new venture, some even quitting their former job with benefits just to pursue something they are extremely passionate about. Often times vape shop owners as well as employees are very passionate about what they are selling because many of them are former smokers who have tried everything from the patch to the (suicidal) drug Chantix. Nothing worked for them until they’ve found electronic cigarettes. They feel by keeping the vape shop open they are doing a great service for the community by offering an alternative to smoking. Not just by offering the products, but also by having someone to guide you through how electronic cigarettes work.

In less than a two-week time period, four separate cities in California has requested …

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