Long-term study: 42% US smokers quit with Ecigs

A US study finds that about 85% smokers used an e-cigarette for their last quit attempt. This long-term survey also shows that smoking cessation rate (42.4%) is higher among long-term e-cigarette users and quit attempts occur more frequently (72.6%) with the e-cigarette than with other types of NRTs (approved by the FDA, add the authors).
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Battery Safety & Awareness

With all the media reports of e-cigarette battery failures, do you wonder how probable it is that your battery will explode? Google “e-cigarettes” and it won’t take you long to find a scary tale that ends in the poor vaper being scarred or burnt. It’s enough to make you wonder: “will my e-cigarette really blow up in my face?” The answer? No, probably not. Unfortunately, e-cigarettes are still...

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A Billion Lives Vaping Documentary

A true story of the vaping revolution and tragic corruption leading to a billion deaths around the world. “A BILLION LIVES IS THE MOST AMBITIOUS FILM YET MADE ABOUT VAPING, BUT IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.“ Aaron Biebert’s vaping documentary brings some of the biggest names in the tobacco industry to the forefront and tackles the scary truth of what their agenda really is.  ...

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Nationwide Peaceful Vapers Rally

A decent portion of the vaping community seems to be calling for more direct advocating. Nonetheless, Vape Advocate Marcy Coyne is organizing the “NationWide Peaceful Vapers Rally.” This is an event based on the idea of taking action by bringing vaping advocacy to the streets of D.C. in the form of a peaceful demonstration opposing the severe FDA Regulations placed on the vapor industry. Some...

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Undeniable Benefits of Vaping

We all know the stats with tobacco use – they are astronomical when dealing with deaths in the not only the US but around the World. Most of us already know the insurmountable reasons on why vaping compared to smoking is a no-brainer but for any of our new, or potentially new vapers out there who need more reason to drop the smokes, here are six predominant reasons to make the switch. ...

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Vape Industry on the Offensive

15,000 vaping outlets have banded together to take the fight to Congress. The  “Right to Vape” campaign is touring the US, hitting Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  “Facing potential bankruptcy, the nation’s 15,000 vaping and e-cigarette outlets are...

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What New FDA Regulations Mean for Vapers: A Deeming Rule 101

You’ve probably read or heard something about recent FDA regulation applicable to the vaping industry — also known as the Deeming Rule. If you’re not aware how you’ll be affected as a vaper, you should know the full story. It starts with an overview of the implications of the FDA’s Deeming Rule. To be sure, the rule includes some common sense provisions that most people can agree on, e.g...

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Medicinal Marijuana and Vaping

With the numerous devices that not only allow for vaping ejuice but as an alternative to “smoking” marijuana, it’s not surprising that more and more questions are presented concerning medicinal users. Even seasoned vapers are sometimes confused by the topic. What is the relationship between medicinal marijuana and vaporizers? Is it possible? Is it safe? Is the experience...

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Virgin Vapor Organic E-Juice


Virgin Vapor is one of the largest organic e-juice vendors on the market. Coming from California, these guys take massive pride in being one of the few true organic manufacturers in the US, and heavily rely on the fact organic simply tastes better. Their e-liquids do not contain any artificial flavorings, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or any other additives. They are also vegan, GMO...

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Evo Vape Juice Review


The latest EVO lineup takes your vape experience to new levels. Extremely robust, multi-layered flavors in VG heavy blends help make these guys one of the best vape juices out there. Fruit fans will easily fall in love with Evo's top blends.

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Major World Medical Organization Backs E-Cigarettes as Cessation Method & Harm Reducers

Another ground breaking report coming out of England is confirming, once again, that e-cigarettes are not only safer than cigarettes, but that they can be used as an effective path to smoking cessation. The Royal College of Physicians published a nearly 200-page long report entitled, “Nicotine Without the Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction.” The report includes information that not only confirms e...

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Study Shows Vaping Indoors Does Not Affect Air Quality

A new study is bringing to light the truth about indoor air quality and how it truly is affected by e-cigarette vapor. The recent research is suggesting that e-cigarette vapor after exhaled by the user will completely dissipate in a matter of seconds, finally putting to rest the concerns critics have voiced over the effect of “second-hand vapor,” and vaping indoors. The recent study was presented...

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FDA Regulations Are Out– Here’s What You Can Do

On May 5th, 2016, the FDA announced their deeming rule on other tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, and the news for the vaping community has unfortunately not been good. Just as expected by many insiders, the FDA has introduced regulations that will greatly affect the industry and force several American e-cigarette and e-liquid companies to close their doors.   Main Points of the...

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E-Cigarettes vs. Cigarettes: A Cost Analysis

Recently, there have been claims that e-cigarettes are a more expensive habit than smoking regular cigarettes. In fact, a recent study has supposedly shown that in only 3 countries are e-cigarettes actually cheaper than their combustible predecessors. Ask some vaping aficionados and they will likely agree, there is plenty of money to be spent on e-cigarettes and their vaping accessories. Between...

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Could E-Cigarette Vapor Be Harming my Eyes?

There has been a concern raised recently that e-cigarette vapor, while still safer than cigarette smoke, may have an effect on general eye health. Specsavers is an international eyewear company, serving the UK primarily, that places an emphasis on eye health. Nigel Best is and optometrist and the clinical spokesperson for Specsavers who released a statement on the potential damage that e...

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E-cig juice VG vs. PG

Understanding the differences between VG and PG vaporizing liquid compounds will make all the difference towards your total vaping experience, chemical, and physical knowledge–overall enhancing the pleasure of your vaping experience. VG, also known as Vegetable Glycerin is actually a quite common ingredient, used in many common day food ingredients and even soaps, such as sugar...

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Infographic: Will E-Cigarettes Be Taxed Where I Live?

Recently there has been a push to impose taxes on e-cigarettes and e-liquids, from the state to the county or city level. Several taxes have already been enacted, however, more are in the works. Whether introduced by a House or Senate Bill or included in a city or county plan or budget, below are the current enacted and proposed taxes that exist in each state for e-cigarettes and accessories. For...

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What is Sub-Ohm Vaping and – is it safe?

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping and – is it Safe? If you’re new to the world of e-cigarettes, atomizers, and e-liquids, you may have heard about those within the vaping community who are into sub-ohm vaping. Not unsurprisingly, if you haven’t heard the term before you may find yourself frantically Googling the answer, wondering what it is, why vaping enthusiasts are doing it, and if it’s something you’ve...

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Hong Kong Study Claiming E-Cigarettes are Dangerous May Be Full of Hot Air

A recent study, initially reported in the South China Morning Post, made some pretty inflated claims, most notably being that e-cigarette emissions are as much as a million times more harmful than the air in Hong Kong itself. The numbers already seem impossible in and of themselves, but it seems even more incredible when you consider the fact that Hong Kong is itself a heavily polluted area. The...

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Top 8 E-Liquids for Beginners

What is an e-cigarette without proper e-liquids? Just bare, flavorless, boring things finding their way into your system. Without the right juice that will suit your taste, your effort to quit smoking or to attain your goal in vaping might go shorthanded before you even realize it. This is why it is essential to know which e-juice will serve as your go-to flavor when you vape. Then comes the...

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