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FDA Regs on Ecigs

A Deeming Rule 101

You’ve probably read or heard something about recent FDA regulation applicable to the vaping industry — also known as the Deeming Rule. If you’re not aware how you’ll be affected as a vaper, you should know the full story. It starts with an overview of the implications of the FDA’s Deeming Rule.

To be sure, the rule includes some common sense provisions that most people can agree on, e.g., keeping vaping products out of the hands of minors by setting a minimum age for purchase, and registering manufacturing facilities with the FDA.

But what’s also included in the Deeming Rule may surprise you, and will ultimately impact your choices and your lasting enjoyment of the vaping experience.

What the Deeming Rule Does

The Tobacco Control Act (TCA) of 2009 retroactively established February 15, 2007 as the market date after which all “new tobacco products” (quotes added) must be put …

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FDA Regulations Are Out– Here’s What You Can Do

On May 5th, 2016, the FDA announced their deeming rule on other tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, and the news for the vaping community has unfortunately not been good. Just as expected by many insiders, the FDA has introduced regulations that will greatly affect the industry and force several American e-cigarette and e-liquid companies to close their doors.


Main Points of the Deeming Affecting E-Cigarettes

  1. Restriction of Sale to Minors – E-cigarette and e-liquid sales will be prohibited to anyone under the age of 18 in any of the 50 United States.
  2. Premarket Authorization – There is more than one path to market authorization, however almost all e-cigarette devices will be forced to submit the PMTA to be in compliance, a lengthy piece of paperwork that requires extensive research and costs an estimated $330,000 to complete. The PMTA would need to be completed for each product sold, that
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E-Cigarettes are Dangerous

A recent study, initially reported in the South China Morning Post, made some pretty inflated claims, most notably being that e-cigarette emissions are as much as a million times more harmful than the air in Hong Kong itself. The numbers already seem impossible in and of themselves, but it seems even more incredible when you consider the fact that Hong Kong is itself a heavily polluted area.
The researchers from Hong Kong’s Baptist University examined 13 different e-cigarettes devices on the market, however there is not much more known about the methodology of the study. The researchers claim to have found high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). These group of chemicals they claim to have found, however, are released only from burning or combustion. While the study claims to have found PAHs at levels of 2.9 to 504.5 nanograms per milliliter, there is no burning or combustion in …

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cCell replacement coil

The Ceramic cCELL Coil (aka The Game Changer)


Technology has come a long way in recent years, however, designs are still plagued with problems. From uneven heating to an inconsistent flavour and troublesome cleaning, many vapers have been searching for a game-changing alternative. Thanks to the new design offered by Vaporesso, this dream is now a reality. Their latest offering is real game changer; introducing the Vaporesso Target 75VTC Kit packing the industry-changing cCELL Coil. While their new kit is striking and appealing, here we are going to concentrate on the coil.

How the cCELL heats

This first major difference to be noted is the design of the heating element. Technicians were aware that a poor distribution of heat led to uneven hits and a rather “dry” taste. This goes against the very principles of the electronic cigarette. This replacement ceramic cCELL coil has taken technology to the next level thanks to a coil that is extremely …

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A Breakdown of Impending E-Cigarette Regulation – The Pros and Cons

When the modern e-cigarette was created, no one could have anticipated its rapid growth and unprecedented popularity. With the first models hitting the shelves in America around 2008 the growth of the product has skyrocketed at rates no one could have anticipated. Especially not regulators, who have been struggling to catch up with e-cigarette growth in America and impose regulation on the products.

In general this should be a good thing. Regulation is designed to keep consumers safe– something that is designed to keep the manufacturers in check and ensure that the best and safest product will get to the market. However, regulation stands to do a lot more harm than good. The FDA has sent their proposed rules to the United States government, and some of what is included in the initial deeming seems less like a benefit to the industry, and more like a deathblow to the booming …

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