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New Studies Circulate As FDA Research Continues

Overview Of FDA Research

A new study at UNC School of Medicine inquired about N.C. personal physicians’ outlook pertaining to electronic cigarettes as a possible solution for eliminating traditional tobacco for older smokers. The study produced on July 29th in the publication Read the full study here.

Roughly 67% of the physicians questioned in the research agreed that e-cigs can be a useful tool when looking for a solution in eliminating tobacco, 65% of the physicians believe that electronic cigarette usage represents a much less chance of cancer when compared to a typical tobacco cigarette, and 35% of the same physicians recommended e-cigs to their patients who smoke. These recommendations were still made regardless of the fact that the FDA has yet to regulate the use of e-cigarettes.

This research is good news for current users of electronic cigarette users who are using e-cigs to help reduce or quit using tobacco. It …

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multiply e-cigarettes

Why You Need More Than One E-Cig

I’ve been vaping for quite a while now and have met numerous vapers online and in person. Everyone that I’ve spoken to always had more than one e-cig. In fact to say, more than one would be an understatement. Most of my friends have at least five or six e-cigs charged and ready to go at their disposable. I understood that my friends were e-cig zealots; all having multiple e-cigs as each one is different in its own way.

Say on that particular day they feel like carrying something larger, as they’ll be out and about all day, whereas that evening they need something more compact and small as they’ll be having a night out in downtown, etc. But for me personally all I needed was just one good e-cig. Even when I did have more than one e-cig (back in the day) I used my favorite one and …

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MonkeyBoxx Bottom Feeder Electronic Cigarette

My Weekend with a Bottom Feed Electronic Cigarette

Last Friday I had the pleasure of getting a bottom feed mod out of a trade with another fellow E-Cig enthusiast. I have never had the pleasure of ever using one as they are hard to come by and expensive. Most local stores don’t carry them as they are tough to sell because of their high price point. Anyways the way it works is elegant. Bottom feed electronic cigarettes all have a small bottle of E-Juice inside and with a needle/hose that feeds towards the top. When you press on the bottle, the air pressure forces the E-Juice to go up into your atomizer.

These bottom feed mods (electronic cigarettes) uses a cartomizer where the E-Juice can go through the 510 connection or a specially modified atomizer where a machinist modified the 510 connection to allow E-Juice to come up from the bottom.

The electronic cigarette mod that I received …

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Electronic cigarette tax

Pennsylvania’s Plan on Taxing Electronic Cigarettes

Let’s keep the short and sweet and talk about Pennsylvania’s Budget Deficit of one billion dollars for the 2014 to 2015 year. What this means is Pennsylvania is starting the year in the hole, or in the red. They’ve budgeted more money than they actually have and are trying to find ways to make up for it. Among many of their genius (obviously sarcasm) ideas of making up for this budget deficit is to put a sin tax on electronic cigarettes.

What is a sin tax you ask?

Sin taxes are normally applied to a product or service that society feels that it sets back the population as a whole. Some examples of sin taxes include gambling, alcohol, tobacco cigarettes, soft drinks, fast food, and etc. The logic behind sin taxes is these product and services are causing more harm to the general public than good and one of …

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The war on e-cigarettes, regulation, and taxes

The Current War on E-Cigs

I was at my local vape B&M the other day to stock up before heading out of town and was taken back a bit after speaking to the owner. I’ve been shopping there for over 7 months and during certain points the owner debated shutting down as business was not doing so well.

However, he just told me he’s opening up not one but two more stores in the local area to meet the demands of the vaping community. The last few times I walked in I often had to wait as they are always extremely busy. They are always busy with a customer and sales have never been better. This is merely one example of an industry that has taken America by storm. The E-Cig industry is currently a 2 billion dollar industry that is highly unregulated and under taxed (when compared with tobacco and other sin products).


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