Are You Ready to Build Your Own Atomizer Coils?

The sub-ohm tank is one of the greatest advancements in the history of vaping. Sub-ohm tanks outperform the cartomizers and clearomizers of the past in every way. They’re easier to fill. They generate bigger vapor clouds with purer, more accurate flavors. If a coil starts to become gunky, replacing it is a snap — just throw the old coil away and twist in a new one. If you spend any...

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Secondhand Smoke vs. Secondhand Vapor – Why They Are Different?

The comparison between secondhand smoke and vapor seems to be a hot topic today. Considering several cities, places and national parks have banned the use of e-cigarettes without even examining the secondhand effects the devices have. Since, e-cigarettes release a vapor, the act of smoking an e-cigarette is commonly known as ‘vaping’ and not smoking. This is the reason why scientists continue to...

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Vape Wire 101: Which Wire Suits You Best?

So, you’ve gotten into vaping. The smoke tricks, the exotic flavors, and the aesthetic have lured you in, but you’re stalling on what to do with this new hobby. There’s a lot of avenues to explore within the vaping community, making a large and potentially confusing cloud of possibilities. One of the most exhilarating hobbies that vape enthusiasts rage over is creating their own unique mech mods...

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Beginners Guide to E Liquids or E Juices

For anybody who has ever had an addiction to smoking, you’ll know that it’s one of the most difficult things to give up. Luckily nowadays there is a fantastic alternative to going cold turkey or resorting to nicotine patches when trying to quit. Vaping is now a very popular option for those looking to quit, with E Juices coming in an abundance of flavours, ranging from a basic tobacco E Liquid to...

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Vape Safety: All About E-Batteries and Why Some Explode

It’s alarming for vapers and our friends to turn on the news and see yet another story on an exploding e-pen or vape battery. Shoddily manufactured and poorly maintained e-cigarettes can be a serious hazard. Here are some tips on which ones are troublesome and how to protect yourself. It’s the Battery The cause of the problem is the battery. Most e-cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion batteries...

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Rise in Vaping Culture May See New Rules Scrapped

How Washington May Affect the Future of Vaping Pressure is on the Trump administration to quash harsh new rules set to come in next year that could see some e-cigarette manufacturers go out of business. It’s because of a significant rise in the popularity of vaping culture and a number of key studies showing vaping is far better for health than smoking tobacco. The number of Americans using...

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The Beginners Guide to E Cigarettes

Welcome to the world of vaping. We have all smelt the delicious wafts of sweet vape puffs passing us, much more appealing than the smell of tobacco smoke we’ve been used to for so many years. Vaping is more than just a trendy new word, it’s a revolutionary new positive habit that’s set to completely replace smoking. The popular electronic cigarettes were invented in China in...

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As Popularity of E-cigs Rise, More Smokers Are Quitting

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recently reported on an intensive research study that was carried out by Cancer Research UK and University College London. The research was conducted during the years of 2006 through to 2015. Their findings are both insightful and incredibly hopeful for those individuals who wish to quit traditional cigarettes. The numbers of people living in the UK who smoked...

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Politeful Puffs: How To Not Be That Annoying Vaper

Vaping is a relatively new thing, and as such the rules are being written right now. Although not as intrusive and impolite and smoking, vaping should still be confined to certain times and places. If you wish to maintain a sense of decorum whilst enjoying a smokeless vape, read on. Plenty of people vape politely According to The Mirror UK, more than two million people use electronic cigarettes...

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New Vaping Laws & You

What The New Vape Laws Mean For You If you are currently an e-cigarette smoker you probably know about the controversy surrounding this new alternative to traditional cigarettes. As I mentioned on my website the science on vaporizing is still weak and researchers are not clear whether or not the benefits of e-cigs outweigh their risks. However, due to the rash of exploding e...

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EU Looking To Tax Vaping

Will A Vape Tax Become A Reality In The EU? According to news sources, E-cigarettes and vaping products may soon be taxed under the Tobacco Excise Directive (TED) in the EU. Vapers in the EU reportedly had until February 16th, 2017, to submit their comments to the EU Commission about the issue before the opportunity to speak up would come to a close. Now, it’s time for the EU to decide whether or...

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Cloud Chasing For Beginners

Taking Vaping To A Whole New Level – The Art Of “Cloud Chasing” “Just like swimming there many different styles, same goes for cloud chasing -there is a lot of technique to the point it can be considered an art form “. -Rip Trippers For those of you who are curious as to what cloud chasing is and how to get started, check out this awesome infographic by our friends...

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Don’t Let Misconceptions Stop You – Make E-Cigs Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

With the new year almost upon us are you gearing up to make a New Year’s resolution to better your life? What have you got in mind for yourself in the coming year? Have you come up with something, new or let’s be honest, are you just planning on recycling last year’s resolution?  Maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve adopted a quit smoking resolution, but even if it is, maybe...

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Cleaning Your Vape Tank and Mod

  Ever taken that new, fresh atomizer out of the box, put your favorite e-juice in and gotten a not-so-flavorful hit? Or switching out your e-juice for another flavor only to get a hit of two mingling flavors that might not taste so great? Don’t worry. We’ve all done it. It just means that you need to clean your tank. Cleaning it is relatively simple and should be done regularly to keep your...

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Ranking “Vape-Friendly” Cities

New Report Lists Vape Friendly Cities
“Albuquerque. Phoenix. Tucson. Mesa. Virginia Beach. All terrific vacation spots. And also great for vaping”.
52 cities were ranked bases off their regulatory environment for vaping – there are some head-scratchers on here for sure.
Check out where your city ( or neighboring city ) ranks! 
Fully Detailed PDF of Study Here

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Is Trump Good For the Vaping Industry?

Vapers Are the Unexpected Winners Under a Trump Presidency “For at least one group in the US, the election results spurred more crossed-fingers than wrung hands: vaping advocates are hopeful Trump could soften regulations that threaten the industry”. Oddly enough the liberal left on Capitol Hill was, for the most, against vaping – could the conservative right be an ally for...

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Phillip Morris Wants You to Quit Smoking

Philip Morris made 850 billion cigarettes last year – now it is planning for a smoke-free future. “That’s right: Philip Morris, of all companies, is telling smokers to quit. Here, beyond the sun-dappled reflecting pool, scientists in lab coats are searching for the Big Tobacco’s magic bullet: cigarette substitutes that will sell — but won’t kill. Can Big Tobacco really kick cigarettes...

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Vaping and Teeth: Is There Danger for Your Oral Health?

With millions of former smokers now enjoying the vaping experience, there’s been plenty of discussion about the health consequences associated with this relatively new nicotine-delivery. Critics and supporters alike have gone back and forth in debates about what the science actually says about the impact of vaping on respiratory health, circulation, and other bodily systems. As a general rule...

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The Dangers of Trivializing Vaping

The Dangers of Trivializing Vaping By Lisa Marie Farver of The United States has a problem with vaping, but the real problem with vaping has nothing to do with public health. It has everything to do with public perception. I recently read a brief piece in Esquire, and it perfectly demonstrated how the media had distorted the culture surrounding e-cigarettes. The proliferation of...

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Before Vaping Was “Cool”

Before Vaping was “Cool.” There’s a framed pack of cigarettes in Steve Milin’s office that kind of resembles a fire alarm. Below the half-full pack, the text reads, “In the case of emergency, do NOT break the glass.” The Illinois native smoked for 40 years, but to say he “smoked” is really kind of an understatement. Milin consumed cigarettes almost faster than they could burn, leading to a five...

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