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How to Find the Best Box Mod

the best box mod with tankThe most popular category of vaporizers right now is definitely Box Mods. This style of e-cig is the now the first choice among those who want all the control of a Mod, but without many of the safety issues that came with its predecessor; the "mech mod". A Mech Mod, or unregulated mods, at one point, were the only real devices allowing the users maximum control over your vaporizer when dealing with voltage and overall power output.

Box Mods fit well in the hand and pocket, making them a popular choice for heavy users who want a powerful, yet compact vaporizer. 
variable voltage control to variable wattage control with a simple touch of a button. Many of the newer box mods are coming out with temp-control a well.

Some of the most popular box mods allow different adjustments such as variable Voltage (VV), Variable Wattage (VW), and Temp Control (TC). These adjustments are used to fine-tune the device to the atomizer and the e-juice to make sure the user has the potential to regulate the power appropriately.

The best part about box mods is now the average vaper can use a heavier hitting device without the unregulated safety issues that came with the mech mod style vaporizers.

The box mod is similar to a "tube" style vaporizer, but with more of a "box" housing for the battery and circuitry. With this style, the overall size of your vaporizer is drastically reduced without losing any customizing ability or overall control.

We are seeing new box mods coming out almost every week thanks to the technology consistently improving, along with the demand becoming greater and greater. Box mods are popular thanks to many specs being improved upon since the bigger vaporizers have been around.

  • Size - Most box mods fit perfectly in your hand which gives off  a greater sense of control and eliminating the "weapon" style look.
  • Power - is arguably the top reason, now that some of the best box mods will allow you adjust the voltage, wattage and for some even temperature control - and most importantly, the ability to reach higher wattage outputs than ever before allowing for sub-ohm vaping.
  • Compatibility - is a must for the box mod to thrive and thankfully they typically come with a 510 threading, and depending on the wattage, you can virtually use any tank you want. Most box mods, however, are best paired with sub-ohm tanks.

popular box mod vape The box mod is replacing the mech mod to the point of extinction. Mech mods were at one point the only devices that would allow for massive cloud production (cloud chasers) but now those days are long gone.

As it sits right now, this is the top of the e-cig food chain, and thankfully it doesn't require a college course when using one.

Some of the best box mods now even allow for software upgrades for free and are easily downloadable, but more importantly, removing the ridiculousness of having to go buy a new device when something is simply upgraded by the manufacturer.  This might be the single reason the box mod style will be the best choice for heavy vapers for years to come.

Box Mods 101

2 Box mod vaporizersWhen searching for your next best e-cigarette, you will eventually come across box mods. Box mods seem to have what many vapers are looking for. They are extremely popular as a second or third device thanks to their many features, their size, and their increasingly simplistic use. A majority of faithful vapers have moved into this category and rarely do they fall out of it.

The box mod gives vapers everything you want, from power to size to allowing full control of your settings - or the ease of a simple "turn it on and go", the right box mod will fit the bill when looking for a great vaporizer.

When referencing the box mod, I will be generalizing features and what they offer. Grant it, there are exotic boxes out there that will be "on an island" so to speak, whether it's from their need for a specific battery or a proprietary tank, etc., etc. But the majority of these devices all fall under the same style categories, and certain aspects can be mixed and matched. One of the most important factors among box mods is that almost all of the latest devices come equipped with a 510 connection, this allows the user to choose from a plethora of tank styles.

Since 510 threading is pretty much industry standard, manufacturers now give us tons of options to choose from for our tank, from the color and size, your personal preference in tips, and even the amount of airflow that comes through. The right tank can make all the difference for a good vaping experience, and the box gives you the freedom to use practically any tank you want.

For most vapers, getting a new tank is a highlight and something that is highly looked forward to. The best thing about box mods is the ability to have access to all the power and customizability you want.  The majority of box mods now give you greater access to dialing in that perfect vape. Here are a few of the relevant options that most mods offer, find what features and flexibility are important to you and go from there.

  • Adjusting the wattage & voltage ( individual models even allow for temperature control)
  • Wide variety of compatible tanks to choose from (sub ohm/ non-sub ohm - depending on amps)
  • Size - from massive to miniature - you can find what appeals to you
  • Screen sizes and clarity - regardless of what environment you're in - there is a screen perfect for you. 
  • Overall look & design - with all the different shapes and sizes finding that awesome box won't be hard
  • Getting the most out of each charge - batteries are lasting longer than ever
  • Upgradeable via USB (certain models)

These attributes are just a few reasons why the box mod has quickly taken over the top spot when dealing with the best vaporizers. The once reigning "mech mod"  is rapidly becoming obsolete thanks to the box mod.   The ability to now find an e-cig that hits upon all the features and personalization that you want is easier than ever.

With new box mods coming out regularly it's almost impossible not to find something that is right up your alley. With the advancement of box mod technology the ease of adjusting your settings and targeting in that perfect vape have never been easier. With all the options in this category to choose from, how do you know what's right for you? Here are few rules of thumb when looking for that first box mod:

  • More watts isn't always the way to go   - 50w is typically plenty - especially for new users - 30w should be your minimum allowing you to grow without having to buy a new device.
  • Battery Options - More and more of the newer models come with a built-in non-removeable battery. Reviews are important to check out to see if others have had issues with the model you are looking at. Keep in mind if the model you are looking at buying has a removable battery you may have to purchase one separately. This option allows for more freedom by not having to be connected to a cord but the demand on the battery door will be high and can eventually cause problems with constantly taking it on and off.
  • Price -Don't let price dictate anything when searching for a box mod. Some of the best boxes we've used have been under $50. Of course, our list will show you a few that fall into this category that we fell in love with but if your search takes you elsewhere keep an eye out for more expensive mods gettings better reviews than cheaper ones as there may be a hidden agenda for your dollar.
  • Kit vs. Device Only -This is an issue I personally came across with my first purchase of a box. Make sure when buying your first mod that you get a "kit" instead of the "device only". A kit should give you a battery, a tank, and, at least, one charger to get you going. With your 2nd box down the road, you can save a couple of bucks on because you will probably only need the device itself.
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