Vape Wire 101: Which Wire Suits You Best?

So, you’ve gotten into vaping. The smoke tricks, the exotic flavors, and the aesthetic have lured you in, but you’re stalling on what to do with this new hobby. There’s a lot of avenues to explore within the vaping community, making a large and...

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Beginners Guide to E Liquids or E Juices

For anybody who has ever had an addiction to smoking, you’ll know that it’s one of the most difficult things to give up. Luckily nowadays there is a fantastic alternative to going cold turkey or resorting to nicotine patches when trying to quit...

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Pax 3 Review


PAX 3 Review: One of the Best Portable Vaporizers The legalization of recreational marijuana across the United States has created a massive demand for devices that lets people vaporize weed. It all started in the year 2007, when the original PAX was...

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The Beginners Guide to E Cigarettes

Welcome to the world of vaping. We have all smelt the delicious wafts of sweet vape puffs passing us, much more appealing than the smell of tobacco smoke we’ve been used to for so many years. Vaping is more than just a trendy new word...

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