bottle of liquid in green bottle

Being Smart With Your E-Juice

We all know e-juice is a ratio of PG, VG, flavoring, and various levels of nicotine. On every bottle there is (or at least there should be) a warning label stating you should keep it away from children and pets and for good reason. e-juice smells amazing with an assortment of different flavors.

Children and pets are very curious often putting everything in their mouths such as sand, legos, coins, and their own poop (the pets not the kids.. at least I hope so). Most poisonings that we hear on the news are from pure negligence and two suicides (but let’s not dawn on that). We as responsible adults need to exercise responsibility and keep our sweet e-juice on the top shelf, under lock and key away from our furry and underage roommates. But we should be exercising caution on ourselves as well.

Take it from someone that overdosed on nicotine, it’s not a fun time. When I first started vaping my local B&M sold me e-juice with 24mg of nicotine. I told them I was a light smoker, smoking ¼ of a pack at most a day. But they insisted I start with 24mg of nicotine in my e-juice. Not knowing any better I walked away with 3 bottles of their crummy e-juice, $45 missing from my wallet, and 2 weeks of nicotine poisoning from just not knowing any better. I was a hot mess for 2 weeks. I had headaches, nausea, insomnia, and extreme bloating. Not a fun time.

I was close to giving up entirely, but some veterans on the internet suggested I dial down on the nicotine before giving up. I was skeptical considering strangers on the internet were giving me advice. I mean what do they know?! But then again there isn’t exactly a “Vaping University” either. The sales person from the local B&M could have been less informed than these strange folks with their weird usernames on the internet.

Needless to say I took their advice went online and bought some high quality e-juice with a lower nicotine level and I’ve been vaping ever since and haven’t looked back. Later I learned that most pack a day smokers start out with 24mg to 18mg of nicotine, the light smoker that I was taken in more than by body was used to and thus epic failure. The moral of my awfully structured tale is being aware of the nicotine you are vaping.

Absorbing more nicotine than you are used to could cause the symptoms I experienced or much much worse. Nicotine can be absorbed into the body not just by vaping, but by ingesting as well as absorbing through the skin. This is why e-juice mixologists should practice safety precautions such as protective eye-wear and wearing latex gloves. This isn’t just to keep our e-juices from keeping contaminated but also to keep themselves from being poisoned.

So to sum things up, be cautious with your e-juice. Do not leave it lying around with the cap off. Keep it in a tall cabinet or a child and pet proof container. Remember to put it away when you are finished with it and never leave it out in the open. Be mindful of what you are vaping. Just because someone tells you that’s what you should be vaping doesn’t mean you have to. Start off small maybe 3mg to 6mg, if it’s not enough and you are still craving; buy another bottle with higher nicotine concentration. I’d rather see you waste a few dollars than go through nicotine poisoning!