e-cigarettes and the decline of smoking

As Popularity of E-cigs Rise, More Smokers Are Quitting

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recently reported on an intensive research study that was carried out by Cancer Research UK and University College London. The research was conducted during the years of 2006 through to 2015. Their findings are both insightful and incredibly hopeful for those individuals who wish to quit traditional cigarettes.

The numbers of people living in the UK who smoked cigarettes during these years dramatically fell. This indicated that the popularity of e-cigarettes was a contributing factor to this drop. To put this report into perspective, it was found that 18,000 additional individuals living in the UK, were able to stop smoking because of their introduction to vaping. That’s a significant number of people.

An Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

As a nation of smokers, we need to embrace the world of vaping and take full advantage of the fact that it can help people to step off the ‘tobacco treadmill’ helping them end their nicotine addiction. This is something which is very hard to do. The good news is that vaping bridges this gap and can help those smokers who wish to quit and to quit for good. This is mainly because e-cigarettes are produced with wide-ranging amounts of nicotine, from those that contain large amounts of the microbe to those that contain none. This, therefore, helps the smoker who wishes to give up traditional cigarettes, as they can gradually taper off the amount of nicotine that they smoke until they are vaping ‘nicotine free.’UK Vaping vs. Cigarette use stats

Alternative Smoking Cessation
Vaping is fast becoming the new alternative replacement for nicotine gum and patches, as well as other traditional ‘stop smoking’ therapies.

The e-cigarette look
Perhaps much of the success in enabling people to quit regular cigarettes is due to the look and feel of the e-cigarette. Many brands resemble the look and feel of traditional cigarettes, and of course allows the user to inhale in the same way as regular cigarettes. Of course, this is without many of the harmful toxins. This almost placebo allows the individual to vape in very much the same way, enabling them to hold the e-cigarette, helping them to quit.

Socially Acceptable
Finally, another huge aspect to consider is that the e-cigarette is socially acceptable. Unlike public places that have banned cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not come under this banner, making them more socially acceptable, allowing the user to vape as and when needed. This also helps with smoking cessation.

To conclude, it was first believed when e-cigarettes were first introduced that they would help contribute to more people smoking. But as recent research has found, this is simply not true. The e-cigarette has become a substitute for traditional cigarettes, not an addition, for many people, and this can only be a good thing.

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