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About Jack The Vapor

Jack The Vapor. E-cig reviewerHi everyone my name is Jack the Vapor. I have been a smoker since my sophomore year of college and have been attempting to kick the habit since graduation with little to no luck. I did try electronic cigarettes back in the day when they were being sold in mall kiosks for $100 a pop and was very dissatisfied.

Fast forward to December 2013, I had purchased an engagement ring for my girlfriend with the full intention of proposing very soon, but I knew she hated by habit and really wanted me to quit before starting the next chapter in my life. I picked up the E-Cig again the first week of December and I knew within a couple of days I’m never going back, and I proposed the following week.

I am now a happily married man for over 3 months now. What was once a habit is now a hobby. I am an extremely active member of the electronic cigarette community and enjoy designing and building custom high powered electronic cigarettes in my spare time.   

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