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E-Cigar Vapor ZeusThe Vapor Zeus from Vapor 4 Life is part e-cigar, and part personal vaporizer, with all the benefits of each rolled into one uniquely different electronic cigarette. To put it mildly, the Vapor Zeus has just changed the electronic cigarette industry forever.

I believe they knew what they had when the named this e-cig “Zeus” as it truly an e-cigarette God and deserves it’s own cult following. Not only is it bigger than most any other e-cig, it has many features other manufacturers haven’t even thought of.

First of, the large version has an extra long battery that almost tops 4.75in. Add that to the “smileomizer” on top and you have an electronic cigarette that is a little over 7.25in and barely 1/2in thick. It is the perfect blend of size and weight.

There are two versions of the Vapor Zeus available, dual mode or automatic, and two sizes of batteries, small or large. On top of that, you can choose black or a brown color (pictured above) for the battery and smilomizer. The dual mode can be used as an automatic draw that does not require pushing of a button, or a manual draw that does require a button press. This feature alone is unheard of and is easy to switch between modes. Simple press the button 5 times rapidly to toggle modes. I am used to pressing a button before I take a draw, but I have gotten used to the automatic mode and I feel a little spoiled.

Most e-cigarettes are regulated to around 3.8 to 4.0 volts to maximize the battery and reduce the wear on the atomizer. But because the Vapor Zeus has a much bigger battery and their custom-made smilomizer, they have set this bad boy to 5.0 volts to pump out the vapor. And the vapor is enough to hide Mt. Olympus! If you are disappointed in the vapor in this thing, you are not going to be satisfied unless you swallow a steam engine.

Vapor Zeus Smilomizer

Vapor Zeus Smilomizer

For the last few months I have been using a ProVari Mini for my main e-cig. It is solid and stable and I love my Provari, but I feel like I have been cheating on her since I got my Vapor Zeus. I cannot put this one down and I get tons more vapor and flavor with each draw. I also get way more battery life and the Zeus fits better in my pocket. When I reach into my pocket, I find myself pulling the Zeus out almost every time. I have a new favorite e-cig, the Vapor Zeus. Like I said, the Vapor Zeus is a game changer.

Another unique feature that the Zeus has is the ability to use it as a standalone battery, like all rechargeable e-cigarettes, or as a passthrough that can be used as it is charging and connected to the charging cord. Yes, you can use it while at the computer or on the road while it is charging. Not that you should need that feature with the battery lasting up to 12 hours, but it is nice if you are sitting for a long time.

Customer Reviews

Vapor Zeus Clouds of Vapor

by Edward (Posted on 6/17/13)

This unit is the best kit V4L has ever offered. The amount of vapor the Zeus on a 2 ohm DC Tank cart is awesome. The flavor from the Zeus is phenomenal  I have tried in auto and manual either way it is a beast and out performs any other device I have ever used in my vaping journey. I also have a manual DAV and the Zeus out performs the DAV by far. My new PV is the Zeus. V4L has hit this one way out of the park, Grand Slam all the way. Have yet to try the smileo’s that came with the kit if the Zeus make clouds of vapor on the tank I can only imagine what a smileomizer will do and will most likely be a Grand Slam as well. Five Stars All The Way!!!!!

Zeus, God of Gods!

by Via, theVocalVaper (Posted on 4/28/13)

Mr.Milin went the extra mile on this mod…I can’t say that I have been as impressed since they introduced sliced bread when I was a kid! I’ve been a “dyed in the wool” manual person since I discovered the difference, so I was VERY surprised to find that I use Zeus mostly in “auto” mode. I received this little beauty about a week ago…and, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be blown out if my chair with my vape…but I was! The Zeus will definetely spoil you…and you won’t be able to return to any of your other APVs! I could “make do” without my Zeus everyday…but I wouldn’t LIKE it! You NEED one!

best product ever

by Lacy Brown (Posted on 4/19/13)

This is by far the BEST device I have ever used for vaping. I used to smoke cigars and have to say this is almost JUST like it. (well except that I use a combo of strawberry and vanilla juice, lol)
I get tons of vapor from it, and like that it lasts me forever before I have to recharge it. I just want to say thank you to V4L for creating such a perfect ecigg. If you’re looking for something to work for you then you should get this one.
Oh, also its really cool that you can switch from auto mode to manual. You just click the button 5 times and it switches. – WOW, how cool is that. :)

Vaping my vapor zeus

by Vaping Veronika (Posted on 4/19/13)

I love my vapor zeus battery! It lasts me all day long and I pretty much chainvape , so thats awhile for me. Im so happy they came out with this becaseu I needed something that would last a while but not be so big that I cant go in public with it. i think every vapor should buy one!!!!!

Vapor Zeus holy schmokes!

by rubberdux13 (Posted on 9/13/13)

I’m a regular user of Titan manuals and have been using V4L products for 3 years (stopped smoking the first day I tried V4L). The Zeus caught my eye and I decided it would be nice to have a change up. It’s pretty darn powerful. My package arrived an hour ago, so this is an off the cuff review. Amazing TH and vapor production…. the weird chemical smell/taste on the Smileomizer, is initially rough, but went away within a few minutes of puffing (could probably just clean it with alcohol to avoid the initial unpleasantness.)

I vend at a few art festivals and sometimes perform at gigs where I might be on remote all day – the Zeus’ long battery life and high capacity carto will definitely be a good companion. Thank you guys, very very much.

**edit – I got the automatic. wanted to go for the full on hands-free/ cigar look.

Final Word

Almost everyone who has used the Vapor Zeus has fallen in love with this incredible electronic cigarette. I think part of the reason, beside the fact that it is so powerful and smooth, it the fact that the Vapor Zeus can be used in so many different ways. It ca be used as a regular e-cig, an e-cigar, and is powerful enough to be a personal vaporizer as well. Overall, it is a solid performer with many, many fans.

The only cons to the Zeus is the louder than normal noise the smilomizer makes when firing and the method used to fill the smilomizer. It takes a few minutes to fill when you fill it for the first time, but as long as you follow the easy directions, you will be a very happy vaper.

If you are looking for the perfect e-cigarette, the perfect e-cigar, or the perfect personal vaporizer, you need to take a Zeus for a spin. Vapor 4 Life offers a 30 money back guarantee, free shipping, and a 1 year warranty. The Zeus sells for half of many personal vaporizers starting at $89.96.

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