Finding The Best Vape Pen

E-Go Electronic Cigarettes

Vape Pens (also called E-gos) are preferred by many vapers who want satisfying vapor without carrying around a bulky device. A vape pen is perfectly sized for a pocket or purse, extremely cost effective, and powerful enough for most users. They are very easy to use, easy to refill, and simple to charge, making them the best device for many vapers who want more than a basic starter kit, but without investing in a vape MOD.
E-go e-cigarette held by woman's handA vape pen may be the perfect e-cigarette style for medium to heavy smokers, but that doesn’t make choosing one easy. There are dozens of choices in colors, sizes, and features when it comes to customizing these devices. These little electronic cigarettes make up a huge footprint in the vape industry and many electronic cigarettes users find that the vape pen is the best choice on the market.

To use a vape pen, fill the tank with e-liquid, screw the tank onto the battery and press the button on the battery to use. Many e-cig vendors sell complete vape pen starter kits and you will only need to fill the included tank and replace the atomizer inside the tank on occasion. The battery part of a vape pen will last several months, depending on usage, before needing to be replaced. This is simply because all rechargeable batteries have a limit on the amount of times they can be charged before they lose their ability to hold their charge. The more you use it, the sooner you will want to replace it. Don’t worry, most vendors sell the battery by itself so you won’t have to reinvest in a complete starter kit when you want to replace just the battery.

There is usually only one button on a vape pen. This button is pressed when you want to use the device, and can also use to turn the device on/off by rapidly pressing several times to toggle the power. If you carry it in yourbest e-go electronic cigarette pocket, you may want to turn it off to avoid accidentally firing it while in your pocket. Many of the newer vape pens have a dial on the bottom of the battery that allows the user to adjust the voltage and thus adjust the flavor of the e-liquid. I recommend starting at a low setting to start. If the flavor seems weak, turn the dial up gradually until the vapor is to your taste. Many smokers find that vape pens offer the best vapor, the best size, and for the best price.

The overall value and flexibility makes vape pens a definite candidate to consider when shopping for a vaporizer. If you have tried disposable e-cigs or a basic starter kit and are still not getting the satisfaction you want, try a vape pen. The price is reasonable, and the amount of vapor that these little “pens” can produce is amazing. They are powerful and satisfying as well as easy to use. Make sure you get some tasty e-liquid for your vape pen if you don’t already have some. Go to the page Best E-Liquid page to check out some quality e-liquids.

The Top Vape Pen Reviews For 2016

Vaporfi Pro 2 Starter Kit
Vaporfi Pro 2 kit review
Vaporfi vape pens

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Hottest E-Cig On The Market

 Price: $48.99+

Vaporfi continues to be the one of the best vaporizer vendors in the US and the Pro 2 is their most popular vape pen. The Pro 2 is a great jump from a smaller cig-a-like style thanks to its simplicity of filling the tank, charging the battery and the overall vaping experience. The Pro 2 Starter Kit lets you pick the color of your tank and battery to help truly make it yours. When choosing your e-juice (sold separately) we recommend trying a sampler pack to better help find a winner.

V2 Pro Series 3
V2 Pro Series 3 kit review
v2 vape pens

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Easy-To-Use 3 E-Cigs In 1!

 Price: $59.99+

V2’s Pro Series offers us the latest in the evolution of vaporizers. V2 has built a 3-in-1 vaporizer that can not only vape e-juice, but wax, and dry (loose) leaf (cartridges sold separately). This vape kit also stands out thanks to its revolutionary magnetic tank connection design, which makes swapping tanks a cinch. If size is a concern, this device is one of the smaller vape pens on our list, making traveling with it very easy.

Halo Triton Starter Kit
Halo Trition Ecig kit review
Halo vape pens

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Two E-Cigs For The Price Of One!

 Price: $49.99+

Halo has been around for years and this vape pen is the device that has put them on the map. The Triton keeps the ease of use, and awesome vapor output that a solid vape pen kit should offer, but this starter kit gives you 2 devices for the price of 1! Perfect for anyone who has a friend or roommate looking to get into ecigs also. This starter kit wins “best-priced”.

Apollo Valiant Starter Kit
Apollo Valiant kit review
Apollo E-go Kit Review

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Best E-Cig For A Budget

 Price: $49.99+

Apollo continues to deliver quality devices and superior options regardless of what style of vaporizer you are in search for. If you are moving up from a disposable or similar cig-a-like devices, or simply looking to find a different vape pen with better performance the Valiant is worthy of a review. This kit gives you everything needed to get started, including free e-juice of your choice! The variable wattage battery (3w-15w) is easy to adjust and help get the perfect vape every time!

Vapor4Life Zeus Kit
Vapor4Life Zeus Ecig
Vapor4life Zeus Vape Pen

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Adjust Your Flavor With A Dial

 Price: $69.99+

Vapor4Life offers up the most unique vaporizers in the vape pen category. The Zeus is their flagship design and thanks to their patented “Smileomizer” cartomizer, this piece was easy to fall in love with. The mouthpiece is a soft rubber instead of metal like other tanks (more realistic) and the taste just seems to come through a little richer. The Zeus stays a consistent 5 volts until the battery is dead, making the first hit as good as the last.  Vapor4Life’s tobacco and cigar e-juice flavors are a must try for fans of those flavors – top notch!

Vaporfi Rocket Starter Kit
Vaporfi Rocket kit review
Vaporfi Rocket Vape Pen

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

All Day Battery With A Classy Build

 Price: $89.99+

Vaporfi makes our list a second time due to the overall power that this vaporizer delivers, all while maintaining a vape pen design and size. The Rocket tank that comes in this kit is one our favorites thanks to the adjustable airflow. This little feature is a game changer when it comes to controlling the throat hit. This vaporizer comes with a variable voltage battery to help dial in on the best drag for your liking. This kit comes in a little high at 89.99, but the big battery fully charged, lasted into the next day, which is rare in a device of this style.

Volcano Inferno Starter Kit
Volcano Inferno kit review
Volcano Inferno Vape Pen

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Volcano’s #1 E-Cig Starter Kit

 Price: $79.99+

Volcano is another great ecig vendor who has been around for years. Their lineup of devices is growing quickly, but the Inferno vape pen has been their staple from the beginning. This device is tried and true, especially for the slightly heavier smokers that put battery life at the top of the needs. Thanks to the pass-through usb, you can vape while it charges! Slightly on the small side, this vaporizer hits extremely well and very sleek design – and comes in 8 color style. This kit includes a second battery and a free bottle of ejuice to get started.

South Beach Smoke Thunder Kit
SouthBeachSmoke Thunder Vape Pen
south beach smoke thunder e-cig review

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

Deceiving In Looks And Power

 Price: $99.99+

South Beach Smoke keeps moving up to a vape pen very easy. The Thunder is a solid device for anyone looking to move up from a cig-a-like. With its simple design of only the battery and a tank, simply fill it up, screw it on and you vaping! The battery is variable voltage (2.0 to 4.2) allowing you to dial-in the setting to your liking and get the most out of your e-juice. Love the simplicity of this device and the overall design quality. This could easily be the last device some ever need to eliminate traditional cigarettes for good!

Next E-Cig Style – Vape MODs

iPV 4S tc box mod

The iPV 4S 120W TC MOD Review

The latest from Pioneer4you is the iPV4S 120w temperature control box mod. (For anyone who owns the iPV 4 – you can skip this review as the two devices are practically the same.) The prior model (4) is very popular with the vaping community, so it made sense that Pioneer4you took advantage of this, beefed up a new model and released it to the masses.

VaporFi VOX II MOD Starter Kit

VaporFi’s VOX II 50w Starter Kit Review

Recently, VaporFi decided to toss their hat in the box MOD ring with the Vox II. And after using this vape for a few solid weeks in preparation for this review I can wholeheartedly say they have one heck of a big dog in the fight. Right away the Vox II felt very comfortable and solid in my hand; the overall feel of a well-built device.

volcano lavatube 2015 review

The Lava Tube V3.0 Review

I was excited to get started on my review for the LavaTube 3.0 by Volcano due to being a long-time fan of their e-go style vape pen – the Inferno – and the LavaTube V2.5 – so my expectations were high for this one. After running this one through the gantlet, they did not let me down.

Provari Mini Personal Vaporizer Review

The ProVari Mini Reviewed

This review of the ProVari Mini might be one of the easiest ones I’ve ever had to do. Mostly because half of my vaping buddies use one! Which speaks volumes as I have a few hardcore e-cig friends who take their devices very seriously, so it was time to see what all the hoopla was about.


The V2 Pro Series 7 Review

The V2 Series 7 vaporizer is the latest device from V2. V2 continues to strive to stay on top of the latest e-cig technology, and their Series 7 is leading the charge! This new 3-in-1 device gives you some awesome flexibility with different vaping options.

apollo vtube v4.0 reviewed

The Apollo VTube Kit V4.0 Review

Apollo is quickly becoming among the elite manufacturers in the e-cig world thanks to most of their devices being very well built, and hitting all the marks you look for in a good electronic cigarette. After my time spent with the Apollo Vtube 4.0, I am confident in saying this is the flagship of their current catalog and ranks very high in the advanced personal vaporizer realm.

vaporfi rocket review

The VaporFi Rocket Reviewed

VaporFi recently released another e-cig in the vape pen category, but this one comes with a variable voltage battery that allows you to crank up the power. So we should be able to toss this device in the basic personal vaporizer group as well.

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halo sub ohm review

Halo Reactor Box Mod Review

vaporfi vice starter kit review

VaporFi Vice Starter Kit Review

Finally a sub-ohm, power hungry, personal vaporizer without all the work! We have been waiting for a device of this type for some time now and its not surprising that VaporFi was one of the firsts to do it.

Vaporfi vaporizer review of the rebel 2

The VaporFi Rebel 2 Starter Kit Review

The Rebel 2 kit has all the goodies and the power that can be desired in an e-cig, with the good looks to match. This is a stainless steel build with variable voltage (3.0 to 6.0 volts) and variable wattage (3.0 to 15.0 Watts) adjustments, giving you full control of the power going to the atomizer.

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