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Finding the Best Vape Pens In 2016

Vape Pens (also called E-gos) are preferred by many vapers who want satisfying vapor without carrying around a bulky device. A vape pen is perfectly sized for a pocket or purse, extremely cost effective, and powerful enough for most users. They are very easy to use, easy to refill, and simple to charge, making them the best device for many vapers who want more than a basic starter kit, but without investing in a vape MOD. A vape pen may be the perfect e-cigarette style for medium to heavy smokers, but that doesn't make choosing one easy.

1-130530113921527There are dozens of choices in colors, sizes, and features when it comes to customizing these devices. These little electronic cigarettes make up a huge footprint in the vape industry and many electronic cigarettes users find that the vape pen is the best choice on the market. To use a vape pen, fill the tank with e-liquid, screw the tank onto the battery and press the button on the battery to use.

Many e-cig vendors sell complete vape pen starter kits and you will only need to fill the included tank and replace the atomizer inside the tank on occasion.

The battery part of a vape pen will last several months, depending on usage, before needing to be replaced. This is simply because all rechargeable batteries have a limit on the amount of times they can be charged before they lose their ability to hold their charge. The more you use it, the sooner you will want to replace it.

If you have tried disposable e-cigs or a basic cig-a-like starter kit and are still not getting the satisfaction you want, try a vape pen. The price is reasonable, and the amount of vapor that these little "pens" can produce is amazing.

Don't worry, most vendors sell the battery by itself so you won't have to reinvest in a complete starter kit when you want to replace just the battery.

There is usually only one button on a vape pen. This button is pressed when you want to use the device, and can also use to turn the device on/off by rapidly pressing several times to toggle the power. If you carry it in your pocket, you may want to turn it off to avoid accidentally firing it while in your pocket.

Variable volt vape pens are the most popular. They usually have a dial at the bottom of the battery that you can turn to adjust the voltage and thus the vapor and flavor of the e-liquid you are using. There are some vape pens that use an LCD screen to show you the current voltage and the voltage on these pens are controlled by buttons instead of a dial. Either style is good, it is just a preference. I recommend starting at a low setting to start. If the flavor seems weak, turn the voltage up gradually until the vapor is to your taste.

Many smokers find that vape pens offer the best vapor, the best size, and for the best price. The overall value and flexibility makes vape pens a definite candidate to consider when shopping for a vaporizer. They are powerful and satisfying as well as easy to use.

Make sure you get some tasty e-liquid for your vape pen if you don’t already have some. Go to the page Best E-Liquid page to check out some quality e-liquids.


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