The Best Cig-A-Like Starter Kits For 2015

Several rechargeable electronic cigarettes

Rechargeable cig-a-like starter kits have more options than the disposable electronic cigarette style. These sleek units consist of a rechargeable battery and a nicotine liquid cartridge. Simply charge the battery, screw on a liquid nicotine cartridge and you’re all set!

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes imageCig-a-like e-cigs are designed to look like a cigarette, and you can get one in almost any color you want. Because of the amount of options and styles available, buying the best cig-a-like starter kit for your needs can be confusing, especially for the first time buyer.  

Most light to medium smokers prefer a rechargeable starter kit over the disposable style because of the cost-savings and versatility they offer.

A cig-a-like starter kit consist of a rechargeable battery, a charger, and a nicotine liquid cartridge. Simply charge the battery and screw on your flavored nicotine cartridge and you’re all set to start using your e-cigarette.

Buying a quality cig-a-like starter kit that will satisfy your cravings is crucial.

Your ultimate goal, of course, is to find the best e-cigarette to help you forget about smoking tobacco cigarettes. Buying a pile of worthless parts, or even low-quality e-liquid will turn your hopes of a tobacco-free life into a disappointing waste of money. If this has happened to you already, do not give up. Just keep trying different electronic cigarettes until you find your perfect device.

Somewhere out there, is the perfect electronic cigarette for you. If you have already tried a disposable electronic cigarette, you should already know a little about what you are looking for. You will want to focus your attention on the qualities you find most valuable. You may have wanted more flavor or a longer lasting battery. Keep these desires in mind as you shop and remember, the bigger the battery, the longer it will work before needing a recharge. Basic rechargeable electronic cigarettes

If you choose the smaller sizes, get at least two batteries so you can charge one while using the other. Most manufacturers estimate the number of puffs per cartridge or associate one cartridge to blank packs of smokes, but that will vary depending on the intensity of your drag. Most claim 1-2 packs equal one cartridge. I find these estimates to be seldom true at best. Many smokers will tend to take deeper & longer drags with an e-cigarette at first because the vapor is not as dense as a tobacco cigarette.

Most smokers are looking for a burning feeling in their lungs that is just not present with a vape. Remember, it is the nicotine you are addicted to. You don’t need the heavy feeling in your lungs to be satisfied.

Find a cig-a-like brand and flavor you enjoy, and try different levels of nicotine to see what level you prefer. Listed below are several of the best rechargeable vapes of 2015. They come in many different styles and price points and are capable of providing all the satisfaction you need, and the flavor you desire.

Many smokers find cig-a-likes the best style for everyday use. Please remember, if you are not completely satisfied with a cig-a-like, don’t give up, instead try a more advanced unit like an eGo or personal vaporizer. Most of the rechargeable vape kits will use different nicotine cartridges, so grab plenty of replacement cartridges to have on hand as you probably won’t find that particular cartridge locally. If you are just getting started, find yourself a quality starter kit. A cig-a-like starter kit is a great way to begin your new life as a non-smoker.

Make sure you get a kit with several different flavor cartridges so you can try many different flavors. Expect to pay between $40-$100 for a complete cig-a-like starter kit that has all you need to start vaping. The more you spend, the more likely you are to be happy with your selection.

You can, however, spend less for a smaller cig-a-like kit that will give you a good idea of the flavor and vapor of each device. Just do yourself a favor and don’t assume that a cheap e-cigarette is going to have the best flavor and vapor production as a higher-end device. Just like anything else, you can expect a higher price for the good stuff.

Top Cig-A-Like Starter Kits Of 2015

Greensmoke Ecig Logo

GreenSmokes Starter Kit

A Game-Changer For Smokers

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit


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Halo Ecig logo

Halo's Ultimate G6 Starter Kit

Top E-cig For New Users

Halo Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit


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Vaporfi Logo

Vaporfi Express Starter Kit

Easy to Use - Very Popular

Vapor Zone Express E-cig Starter Kit Review


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South Beach Smoke ecig starter kit

South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

The Famous South Beach Smoke E-Cig

Southbeachsmoke E-cig Starter Kit Review


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Nuvo E-Cig Starter Kit

The Nuvo Deluxe Starter Kit

Sleek & Stylish Meets Simplicity

Nuvo Electronic cigarette review


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Charlies Club ecigs

Charlie's Monthly Delivery

Free E-cig, Monthly Delivery of Refills!

Charlie's Club Electronic cigarette review


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Cigavette E-cigs Logo

Cigavette E-cig Starter Kit

The Best Tobacco Tasting Starter Kit

Cigavette Electronic cigarette review


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V2 E-Cig Logo

V2 EX Series Starter Kit

America's #1 Selling Electronic Cigarette

V2 Electronic cigarette review


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