Vape MODs – Personal Vaporizers

Several Personal Vaporizers

At the top of the e-cig food chain is the personal vaporizer , commonly called a Vape MOD because they are the results of items such as flashlights or metal tubes that were modified to fit an atomizer and vaporizeADvanced Personal Vaporizer liquid nicotine. These modified devices turned into a whole new class of vaporizers. A  vape MOD is designed for the vapers who desire more control when vaping and does not want the hassles and dangers associated with Mech MOD vaporizers.

Vaporizer Mods are quickly catching up to the bigger devices in power output and overall control. Mech Mods are still considered the heaviest hitters in the game but as Box Mods continue to evolve this gap is rapidly diminishing. This vaporizer style is available in a variety of options and is preferred by smokers who do not mind a bigger device with more weight.

The three most common types of MODs are:

  • Vape MODs- Regulated Circuitry, long battery life, big vapor and flavor, most popular, safer than Mech MODS
  • Mechanical MODSUnregulated (no controls), build your own atomizer, technical to work on, biggest vapor
  • Herbal VaporizersDried herbs, tobacco, no smoke, yes they work. Commonly called herbal vaporizers

personal vaporizers reviewedThe amount of vapor that a MOD generates can easily surpass any other electronic cigarette or a tobacco cigarette for that matter. Many heavy smokers are attracted to these popular vaporizers because they offer a battery that lasts all day and can fit a large capacity tank on top.

Most MOD vaporizer units give you a choice of using a Cartomizers, a clearomizer, a tank, or an atomizer on top of the battery.

The MOD style vaporizer has more options such as a Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDAs). Many of these regulated vaporizers are variable voltage and wattage, which means the output of the battery can be adjusted up or down to provide the best temp for any flavor. The voltage range usually starts at 3.0 volts and can be increased by 0.1 volts all the way up to 6.0 volts, while variable watts usually range from 3w-50w+. The lower the voltage or wattage, the lower the output of power to the battery. This has a direct effect on the temperature of the heating element, but that depends on the resistance rating of the cartomizer.

The primary benefit to using a Vape MOD is the power to see and control almost everything. Regulated vape MODs allow the user to view the output of the voltage/wattage going to the heating element, as well as check the battery levels, and see the resistance of the element coil in real time, rated in Ohms.

Many of the cartomizers on the market come in different resistances that are referred to as low resistance (LR) or high resistance (HR). The lower the resistance, the higher the temp of the element will be. For example, an LR cartomizer will burn hotter at 3.0 volts than an HR cartomizer will at the same voltage. This allows the user to find the perfect blend of heat and voltage for any e-cigarette liquid flavor.

You may reduce the voltage of your Mod and still get a high temperature from the element if you are using a low resistance cartomizer. However, you may notice more sensitivity to burning your e-liquid and heating element if you use an LR cartomizer at a high voltage. If you were not satisfied by any other electronic cigarette, a Mod Vaporizer might be what you are looking for. 

They are fat and sometimes ugly but ask anyone who uses one, and they will tell you they are worth the extra weight and effort. If the size and weight is an issue, have a look at the Vape Pen Styles. They are smaller but still pack a punch.

  • Regulated Power. Adjustable Watts and or Volts
  • Highly Customizable
  • Usually Has small LCD Screen
  • Larger, bigger battery/unit. Last Longer Between Charges
  • Perfect For Heavy Smokers
  • Removable Battery. Charge the Battery Separately
  • Most Options For The Least Amount of Effort

advanced personal vaporizer reviewsVape Mods are the perfect fit for those who want all the power and cool features without all the work of a rebuildable mech mod.

Most find that Advanced e-cig mods easily cover all the important aspects when looking for that device to eliminate tobacco for good! These heavy hitters are geared to the heavy smoker who needs a good throat hit and a bigger cloud than a basic vaporizer, or vape pen can give. The bigger batteries make these guys heavier but last longer while providing more power.

Grab a starter kit unless you already have a separate battery charger and some e-liquid tanks.

Our Favorite Vape MOD’s For 2016

Vaporfi Edge Vape Mod
Vaporfi Edge Mod Review
Vaporfi Edge Kit


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Highest Recommended Vaporizer

 Price: $129.99+

Vaporfi is easily one of the best vaporizer vendors on the market. They cover every aspect of vaping; big Mod’s, small ecigs, or e-juice – Vaporfi has a solid representative in every category. Their Edge sub-ohm kit is their flagship tube-style MOD and can handle any smokers needs. Great for anyone moving from a smaller vape pen. This vaporizer kit gives you everything to get started (minus ejuice) and is backed by a 1-year warranty. If you are looking for more power without all the complication, this is a must-see!

v2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizers
V2 Pro Series 7 Review
V2 Pro Series Vape Mod

Overall Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Versatility & Power Collide

 Price: $169.99+

V2 typically is found at the top of many ecig reviews thanks to having 5-stars ratings with most of their vaporizers. Recently V2 released their “Pro Series” (3 & 7), and they were so proud of these devices they eliminated all of their older vape pens altogether! The Pro Series 7 is a jack-of-all-trade devices thanks to its three tank flexibility. This one vaporizers ejuice, wax & oil, and dry loose leaf just by simply swapping its tank. This is a must-see if you are into vaping…and other things.

Apollo Vtube 4.0 Mod Kit
Apollo Vtube 4.0 Review
Apollo Vtube Vape Mod

Overall Rating: 
4.5 Stars

The Newest Mod from Apollo

 Price: $139.99+

Apollo is quickly becoming a popular vaporizer vendor thanks to consistently releasing high-quality devices, and the Vtube 4.0 is a clear case-in-point. This tube-style vape Mod is one of most well built devices we’ve ever got our hands on. Superior build quality and just a slick looking device only mirror it’s vapor output with the highest marks. Up to 50watts and an atomizer that can fire as low as 0.2ohms, this Mod delivers massive clouds. This kits comes with the Phazer Sub Ohm tank, 18650 battery and charger and even provides a free bottle of their Max VG e-liquids!

ProVari 2.5 Mod Kit
Provari Mini Vape Mod
Provari Ecig Mod review

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Made In The USA!!!

 Price: $139.99+

ProVari is one of the few popular vendors who have made a living from one device. The ProVari 2.5 is one of the “smartest” vaporizers to date. With features such as battery and thermal monitoring, and a “standby” mode to prevent from accidental firing, this one takes all the work out of using a vape Mod. With almost 20 different styles/colors to choose from, the “world’s most proven ecig” will be hard to knock off our recommendation list.

Volcano Lavatube 3.0 Mod
Volcano Lavatube Vape Mod
Volcano Lavatube 3.0 Mod review

Overall Rating: 
4 Stars

Volcano’s Flagship Mod

 Price: $194.99+

The latest beast from Volcano is their upgraded Lavatube 3.0. The prior 2.5 model was an awesome vaporizer, and thankfully they kept the core aspects of what made the 2.0 great and added more power and features. Variable wattage, temperature control abilities, and the pass-through charging lets you vape and charge at the same time, helps make this tube-style Mod a powerful device. Definitely not the cheapest starter kit option out there but thanks to its specs, this one will be relevant for years to come!

The Best E-Juice For Your Vape MOD

vaporfi e-juice

Top Pick. FDA Registered E-Liquids

Avg Price .49 per ml

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halo e-juice

Robust Flavor Finally Meets High Quality

Avg Price .66 per ml

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southbeach smoke e-juice

Custom Blending and Super Flavorful

Avg Price .50per ml

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apollo e-juice

Very Popular. Large E-Juice Catalog

Avg Price .50 per ml

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eliquid planet e-juice

E-Juice Now Has Its Own Planet!

Avg Price .59 per ml

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Crystal Canyon VApes USA Made E-juice

Some of the Finest Liquids!

Avg Price .57 per ml

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e-juice from

Multiple Vendors In One Spot

Avg Price .70 per ml

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myfreedomsmokes e-liquids

E-Juice With A Little Bite!

Avg Price .46 per ml

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