Finding The Best Ego Starter Kit

E-Go Electronic Cigarettes

The Ego also called a basic personal vaporizer, is a step up from the standard rechargeable e-cigarette style, and is preferred by many who need a little more vapor and a bigger battery.

The many choices of sizes, styles and colors are just some of the benefits of owning an Ego. They are also very easy to use and charge, and Ego e-cigarettes produce more vapor and throat hit than any disposable and most rechargeable styles. It is hard to go wrong with one of these devices. Their batteries can last all day, and their tanks can hold enough e-liquid to match the battery’s longevity.

The Ego may be the perfect e-cigarette for medium to heavy smokers, but that doesn’t make it the easiest buying choice. E-go e-cigarette held by woman's hand There are dozens of choices when dealing with size, color, and features when it comes to customizing these devices. The Ego e-cigarette style offers a good price, several sizes, and hundreds of color options. These little electronic cigarettes make up a huge footprint in the industry. Many electronic cigarettes users find these little guys the best e-cigarette on the market. FYI, the term “Ego” refers to the only the battery section of the e-cigarette only and not the entire electronic cigarette.

You need to purchase some a tank or atomizer to screw on top of the Ego to make a complete electronic cigarette. Buying an Ego starter kit is the easiest way to make a complete e-cigarette. One of the biggest reasons for their success is due to the use a standardized “510″ thread that is used to screw the tank onto the battery. The majority of electronic cigarette tank manufacturers use this 510 threading, so any cartomizer or “tankomizer” will fit as long as it has 510 threads. This opens up hundreds of different options for tanks, cartomizers, atomizers, and clearomizers. Some of the most common tanks for Ego e-cigarettes are:

  • Atomizers– just the heating element. Drop 2-5 drops directly onto heating element at a time
  • Clearomizers– heating element is enclosed in tank, and e-liquid is feed to element using wicks
  • Cartomizers– heating element is wrapped in e-liquid soaked poly-fill.
  • Tankomizers– A cartomizer that sits inside a bigger tank of e-liquid. Hole in the side of the cartomizer allows e-liquid inside to keep element soaked.

There is only one button on the standard Ego battery. This button is pressed when you want to use the device, and can also use to turn the device on/off by rapidly pressing 7 times to toggle the power. If you carry it in yourbest e-go electronic cigarette pocket, you will want to turn it off to avoid accidentally pressing it while in your pocket.

Many smokers find that Ego e-cigs offer the best vapor, the best size, and for the best price. The overall value and flexibility makes them a definite candidate to consider when looking for the best electronic cigarette. If you have tried disposables and rechargeable e-cigarettes and are still not getting the satisfaction you want, try one of these.

The price is reasonable, and the amount of vapor that this little guy can produce is amazing. They are powerful and satisfying as well as easy to use. Look for an Ego starter kit if you are just starting out. A starter kit will get you all you need to start vaping right out of the box and make sure you don’t forget anything. Make sure you get some tasty e-liquid if you don’t already have some. Go to the page Best E-Liquid page to check out some quality e-liquids.

Many of the Ego electronic cigarettes manufacturers design a similar looking device that they and others call “Ego.” For this reason, the term “Ego” has been created to generalize all the electronic cigarettes that resemble the similar look of most Ego models. It is what “Kleenex” is to tissue paper. Many of the Ego e-cigs below may be labeled Ego type products, but not all of them are going to be labeled as an “Ego”.

The Best Ego Electronic Cigarette Reviews Of 2015

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The Vaporfi ROCKET Kit

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Halo Triton Starter Kit

Two E-Cigs For Price of ONE!

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The MEGA By Cigavette

No Mess, No Refilling, Easy

E-Go E-cigarette Cigavette MEGA


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The Vapor Zeus E-Cigarette

Adjust Your Flavor With A Dial

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Apollo Valiant Starter Kit

The Valiant Starter Kit

Best E-Cig For A Budget

Apollo Valant Starter Kit


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SouthBeachSmoke Thunder Starter Kit

The Thunder Starter Kit

Deceiving In Looks and Power

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V2 Pro Series 3 Starter Kit

Easy to Use. 3 E-cigs in 1!

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Next E-Cig Style – Vape MODs

The VaporFi Rebel 2 Starter Kit Review

The Rebel 2 kit has all the goodies and the power that can be desired in an e-cig, with the good looks to match. This is a stainless steel build with variable voltage (3.0 to 6.0 volts) and variable wattage (3.0 to 15.0 Watts) adjustments, giving you full control of the power going to the atomizer.

VaporFi VOX 50 Starter Kit Review

VaporFi has unleashed one of the most powerful vaporizers to date! The V0X 50 II features a whopping 50 watts of power packed into a sleek box MOD.

VaporFi Rebel 2 MOD Kit Review

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Finally a sub-ohm, power hungry, personal vaporizer without all the work! We have been waiting for a device of this type for some time now and its not surprising that VaporFi was one of the firsts to do it.

The V2 Pro Series 7 Review

The V2 Series 7 vaporizer is the latest device from V2. V2 continues to strive to stay on top of the latest e-cig technology, and their Series 7 is leading the charge! This new 3-in-1 device gives you some awesome flexibility with different vaping options.

The ProVari Mini Reviewed

This review of the ProVari Mini might be one of the easiest ones I’ve ever had to do. Mostly because half of my vaping buddies use one! Which speaks volumes as I a few hardcore e-cig friends who take their devices very seriously, so it was time to see what all the hoopla was about.

The Lava Tube V3.0 Review

I was excited to get started on my review for the LavaTube 3.0 by Volcano due to being a long-time fan of their E-go – the Inferno – and the V2.5 – so my expectations were high for this one. After running this one through the gantlet, they did not let me down.

VaporFi’s VOX II 50w Starter Kit Review

VaporFi recently tossed their hat in the MOD ring with the Vox II, and after my review I can wholeheartedly say they have a big dog in the fight. The overall size of the unit being rather small makes its very deceiving as this beast can hit 50 watts of pure power.

The Truth Behind E-Liquid Poisoning

E-cigarettes, despite the fact that they are designed to be a healthier alternative to smoking, have been producing an unfortunate and tragic consequence that have left many people questioning their true safety.

Infographic: Investigating The Causes Of Exploding E-Cigs

After an in-depth investigation into thirty separate exploding e-cig cases spanning over 3 years, the facts are pretty clear. To better understand these facts, we have stripped away all of the hype and sensationalizing of the truth and broken it down by the numbers to give you the facts.

The Safety Of E-Liquid, What We Know Now

E-cigarettes have been touted as the newer safer alternative to traditional smoking. Understandably so, this has piqued the interest of those looking to kick the harmful habit of tobacco smoking.

E Cigarette Explosions: An In Depth Investigation

Millions of people worldwide use e-cigarettes. They have become popular primarily with people who are looking to cut back or quit their use of regular cigarettes altogether. Since e-cigarettes are often related to a decision to live a healthier life, it begs the question in most people’s minds, “How safe are these new-fangled devices?

E-Cigs: Personalize and Accessorize

When it comes to early e-cigs, there were few options to accessorize and truly make them your own. However, the e-cigarette industry has come a long way since. For many e-cigs, there are plenty of ways to personalize, from unique designs to accessories.

Infographic: Study finds Vaping is 95% Safer than Smoking

Public Health England(PHE) has recently published a research report finding that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than traditional smokes. The UK Department of Health sponsored the PHE study to cut through the misinformation and identify the real risks.

Experts Conclude E-Cigarettes are 95% less Harmful than Cigarettes

Words that vapers everywhere have been waiting to hear. Experts are now concluding that e-cigarettes are extremely less harmful than regular cigarettes—95% less harmful to be exact.

Experts Agree – Promote E-Cigarettes over Harmful Tobacco Products

Royal Society for Public Health says health bosses should encourage people to quit tobacco for nicotine-only e-cigarettes and proposes licensing tobacco sellers. Health chiefs across the UK have been urged to take a less negative attitude towards e-cigarettes and embrace their use in the battle against more harmful tobacco smoking.

Three E-cigarette Myths… Debunked!

In relative terms, e-cigarettes are a fairly new product – the patent for the design was only filed in 2003, with the first e-cigarette appearing on the market in China later that same year.