Electronic Cigars

The E-Cigar is a fairly new product in the world of electronic cigarettes. The most notable difference between a real cigar and an e-cigar is the absence of a room-destroying stink. These electronic devices look and feel like a real Cuban and make it possible to once again enjoy a fine tasting cigar at the poker table.

Electronic cigars have some big shoes to fill, as the typical cigar smokers are not going to be easily won over. When I first got an electronic cigar, I noticed the realistic qualities of the packaging and wrapper.

Many electronic cigar vendors will spend a few extra bucks to make them look as authentic as possible before you even pick it up out of the package. Even the weight balance and feeling of the paper added to the overall look and feel of the original. From a short distance, it is almost impossible to see that these devices are electronic in nature. The only thing that gives them away is the lack of smoke and ash.

Most e-cigars are disposable and will last for several months of weekend poker games. They have an LED tip that is usually partially hidden behind some type of screen to mimic a real cigar’s ash. The e-cigar is becoming a popular product mainly due to the convenience of being able to smoke a cigar without upsetting others. The smell of a cigar is usually admired only by the person smoking the cigar.

E-Cigar Box

Box of Cuvanas

It would be nice to be able to puff on a tobacco cigar indoors at poker games or a bar, but that day has come and gone. The real test of any e-cigarette, of course, is the flavor and vapor test. A cigar produces a vast amount of smoke and has a very distinct taste and smell.

So naturally an e-cigar needs to replicate as much of that experience as possible and also produce a lot of vapor and flavor. The unique way that a cigar is inhaled and “puffed” on also needs to be addressed with an e-cigar. A good e-cigar will have a strong flavor for the user, but other people in the room will not smell anything. I have been amazed at the realistic flavors I can taste in both my mouth and nose when using an electronic cigar. Many of these taste just like a real cigar.

Look for a disposable e-cigar in the mid-high priced range so you are not disappointed by a cheap knock-off. You are going to need quality components and e-liquid to get anywhere close to the feeling and flavors that a hand rolled cigar provides. But a good electronic cigar will most likely impress and satisfy any smoker who picks one up.

The Best Electronic Cigars Of 2016

Apollo E-cigar Logo

Apollo's E-Cigar

Cuban Flavor At Its Finest!

Apollo E-cigar


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NEwhere E-cigars

NEWhere E-Cigars

The Boss - Zero Nicotine

NEwhere Ecigar Review


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Royale Premium Ecigar

The Royale Premium E-Cigar

The Biggest E-Cigar!

antonio villard disposable ecigar


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Vapor4Life E-cigars

Vapor Zeus

The Only Refillable E-Cigar!

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LG-1000 E-cigar

The LG-1000 E-cigar

Massive E-cigar Catalog

LG-1000 E-cigar


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The Maracello Ecigar

The Maracello E-Cigar Kit

No Mess, and Delicious

MARACELLO e-cigar kit


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